Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What we're up to when it's below zero and snowing like crazy...

We visit old college friends who live nearby and have a new baby!  Grace was born in late December, and Robbie and I took them dinner last night as an excuse to meet and hold that beautiful baby girl.  She was PERFECT!  I have to admit that I would be very excited if next month the ultrasound shows that we, too, are having a girl!  I do love Robbie and loved having a boy much more than I thought I would.  But girls are so tiny... and oh the clothes!  The PINK! :)
Below are Robbie, held by Mike, with Bess and baby Grace.  Check out how BIG Robbie suddenly looks next to a newborn!  Aack!

We go to Grandma and Grandpa's to watch football and stay warm - this picture was taken over the weekend, during the Giants/Eagles game (which Rob was able to go to with his brothers and dad).   Robbie got more attention than is probably healthy for one child, and as you can see, he loved every minute.

Sometimes playing with Grandpa can wear a little guy out.  Robbie takes a cat nap on his lap!

We have discovered that Robbie loves to play by himself in his pack and play!  Throw a few toys in, make sure he's well-fed and has a clean diaper beforehand, and you've suddenly got yourself 30 or so minutes of time to do ANYTHING!  As you can see, he thinks it's great.

He's even learning to stay in a standing position for quite a while, and cruises the sides of the pack and play.  When he's tired of standing, he lets go with one hand, and eases himself down into a sitting position!  Graceful for such a hunk of a boy.  :)

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