Monday, January 12, 2009

"Not Me" Monday!

I haven't participated in "Not Me" Monday in a while, but I've got my act together this week (ha!) so here we go!...

I do not get nervous when Rob travels while I am pregnant, and certainly didn't cry secretly while cleaning the kitchen the night before he flew to NJ to go to the Giants game.  I never worry about worst-case scenarios, like giving birth to our 2nd child and raising 2 kids under 2 by myself.  That's ridiculous.

I did not attempt to ease my anxiety the morning his flight was leaving by hauling Robbie in his snowsuit to Dunkin Donuts and getting 1/2 a dozen donuts for myself.  And even if I did, I would not have picked at 3 of the donuts in one sitting until Rob called to say he'd landed in NJ. 

I didn't ensure that both Robbie and I slept well while daddy was gone by letting Robbie sleep in our bed with me.  And if that had happened, then surely we wouldn't have slept for 11 hours straight.

I most assuredly did not burn a meal in the crock pot yesterday, as that is the point of crock pots: a fail-safe meal.  If I had, I would be seriously questioning my cooking abilities.  

I did not shovel the bottom of our driveway yesterday morning in my 4th month of pregnancy.  If I had needed to get out of the driveway, but was barricaded in by the 2+ foot pile of heavy snow a plow had kindly left in the night, I would have called someone for help.  I certainly wouldn't have shoveled a car's width path through the snow-wall, cursing the city plows the entire time for not being considerate of people who can't shovel on their own.

What didn't YOU do this weekend!?


Kels said...

Aw, Ash! You are too sweet. I'm so glad Rob made it safely to NJ and that he got to go to the Giant's game! How fun =) I hope it makes you feel better knowing that Mom and I made a midnight donut run over Christmas break too - sometimes you just NEED those scrumptious donut holes!

I love you so much and hope that you and Robbie are loving every minute together :)

Christine said...

Loved this Ashley! So cute... and I am totally with you on the ridiculous worries/fears... and maybe even burning a crockpot meal :) It was great seeing you guys over Christmas... hopefully we'll see you again soon!