Friday, July 3, 2009

Feeling human again... and not wasting any time!

In the last day or two, I have started to feel like I am actually healing from my C-section.  It is so nice to feel more like myself again, and my goal is now to get through the day without pain medication.  Oh, how I will miss those blessed hot pink pills.

The minute I realized that my pain was now manageable enough to take a shower, get ready for the day, and walk around for a little while without wanting to crawl back in bed, we jumped right in on all of the fun things we've been waiting to do for one reason or another.

So hold on... here is what we've been up to in the last 24 hours!

Daddy put together the basketball hoop that Uncle Ryan gave to Robbie for Christmas.  We agreed that it would promptly be assembled when Robbie started to show signs of walking.  Finally, at 15 1/2 months old, Robbie has decided that walking isn't so bad.  He is fairly stable on his feet, and although I wouldn't call him a confident walker by any means, he can walk across a room by himself now.  Rob had a great time teaching Robbie how to dunk with his new hoop.  Robbie caught on pretty quickly and it is now a favorite toy.  Thanks, Uncle Ryan!  Now we just need you to give Robbie some private lessons...

While my mom was over on Thursday, we took a bunch of pictures of Ellie by the front living room window (just like we did with Robbie the first week he was home).  These are a few of my favorites...

Then we went over to Cosley Zoo, which I am embarrassed to say that I have not been to since my mom took me as a little kid.  Robbie loved looking (very intently) at all the animals, and even got to pet a rabbit.  My sweet mom practically carried him the entire time so that he could get a good look at everything.  I am so thankful for her and would NOT have attempted this trip without her!

My little ham.  (He thinks he's so funny when he does this!)

Looking down into my (double) stroller... I cannot believe we have 2 kids!

My sweet friend, Lindy, brought us dinner for Thursday night.  It was incredible... one day I may post the recipe for the Mediterranean Chicken and Black Bean Salsa she made for us.  It was the best meal, very healthy, and totally not something I would ever think to make on my own.  She stayed and visited for a little while, and since she had her littlest girl (Britt) with her, I thought it would be fun to take a picture of both of our girls together!  Britt is 6 weeks old and also a peanut - isn't she the cutest thing ever!?

I caught Ellie sucking her thumb for the first time this morning, and the cuteness factor was too much for me to handle.  

Today, July 3rd, was Ellie's original due date (before we knew she was breech and would require a C-section birth)!  Instead, she is 10 days old.  She decided to celebrate by losing what remained of her umbilical cord, which to me is always worth noting.  :)

Recently we set up one of the gifts we gave Robbie for his first birthday - a 'ball pit'.  We had planned to keep it in the basement as something fun to do if/when I needed to shut myself down there with both babies.  The room is now finished and child-proof, but for now the ball pit lives in our family room since I'm trying to lay off the stairs for a little longer.  And can I say, this is the best toy ever!?  Clearly, Robbie loves it, as evidenced by his playtime in it this afternoon...

This evening we went to Lisle's "Eyes to the skies" festival to check out their Children's Petting Zoo and the hot air balloon launch that is supposed to be pretty spectacular.  Our friends the Greens (Mike, Heather and sweet little Riley) joined us.

The petting zoo was fun, if not a little chaotic and somewhat poopy (the animals, not the kids).  The hot air balloon launch was cancelled because of weather.  But we had a great time walking around, taking everything in, and playing and having snacks on the picnic blanket together.

Oh these 2 together... they are so sweet!  Robbie was leaning in to 'give Riley some love'.

And then we attempted to have the Greens take a little family picture for us.
Hilarity ensued.

No babies were harmed during the taking of this picture.

Heather and I are 2 very lucky girls...

Enjoy the holiday weekend!  I am praying for no rain tomorrow morning... I can't wait for the Wheaton parade!  Ok, let's be honest.  I can't wait to decorate Robbie's wagon for the occasion either.


The Larsons said...

Happy 4th Livingstons! I love the new look of the blog, but I mostly love seeing the new images of your sweet family of four. I cannot wait to celebrate with you in person. That ball pit has Charlotte's name all over it. I cannot wait to see her and Robbie in it. Much love to you all...

Jennifer said...

The picture of Ellie sucking her thumb is just adorable! The cuteness factor is definitely just way TOO much! Looks like Robbie loves the ball pit -- what a great idea! That's one that I'm definitely going to have to copy! I love the pictures from the festival -- the family pictures were hilarious and adorable! Seeing Ellie next to all three of you made me realize just how tiny she is -- definitely living up to the "peanut" nickname! You look SO great in the pictures, too. Love the sling, by the way -- beautiful!

Heather Green said...

Oh man... I LOVE your blog. Just love it!