Thursday, July 30, 2009

You missed us, didn't you!? ;)

Hello all...

We are keeping busy over here, and many days have gone by that I've wanted to update our blog with some sweet pictures and funny stories, but frankly?  I'm just working on getting enough sleep at night, and a shower if I'm lucky during the day!

I'll work on the picture side of things, but for now here is what we've been up to:

- Grandma spent an afternoon with Robbie in his baby pool in our backyard recently.  It was less 'swimming' and more in-and-out of the pool, tromping around the yard and flowers.

- Ellie continued to be very gassy and bloated, and after a particularly short night on Sunday which found me driving through Wheaton at 1am trying to soothe her, we headed back to the Dr on Tuesday.  We're giving Ellie soy formula for a week exclusively, and so far it seems to be working really well for her.  Seems like she has a milk intolerance.

- A few of our sweet friends and their children came to meet Ellie and visit on Saturday.  Our house was buzzing with toddlers and babies and all of the laughter, crying, and spilled juice that comes with them.

Aside from these moments, it's pretty uneventful here.  We are trying to find our new routine, and blogging about missed naps, trips to the park, new rejections of milk by both kids in different ways, being thrilled with the creative and surprising ways I manage to get a shower each day, and how much I love my babies just seems redundant.  I will say that Robbie's newfound enjoyment of watching the garbage trucks on trash morning (today!) is especially fun and sweet.  Also entertaining for me is the fact that Ellie now weighs close to 9 lbs and is beginning to fill out not only her newborn size clothes but her 0-3 month clothes don't look ridiculous on her anymore!  Finally... from now until the end of the summer I will have to put her in a different outfit every day to work through her closet.  That low birthweight really threw things off in the fashion department!  (ha)

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Jennifer said...

Yes, we have missed you! Thanks for your update. It's always SO GREAT hearing what you guys are up to. No detail is too small or redundant -- I love hearing it all. Everytime I check your blog and Tyler is around he points to the screen with a smile and says, "Robbie"! So cute!!! Makes me wish all the more that we lived closer.

Wow! Ellie's chowin down, huh? 9 pounds -- that's great! Can't wait to see pictures of her in all of her adorable outfits!

Much love to you guys! : )