Thursday, August 6, 2009

A feast for the eyes...

Grandma Edie meets Ellie for the first time at the lake house!

Grandpa Bob finally gets to hold Ellie - when he first saw her he teared up!  He loves his grandkids and 3 great-grandkids. 

Even cousin Corey got in on the baby-holding.  Ellie is the tiniest baby she's held on her own, and she was so proud that she asked me to go get her mom so that she could see!

The cousins enjoyed playing with Robbie and were so sweet towards him.  Robbie learned Scott's name, and would say 'Cot!' when he wanted to play with him.

Aunt Joy participates in a feeding, and also got Ellie to smile numerous times at her!  Even Ellie can't help but be happy around Joy.

Because I post more pictures than I can count of Rob like this with the kids, it's only fair...
(by the way - this is how the Armbruster women like to sleep.  Mouth open.  Ellie sleeps like this, too, when she's on her back!)

Meeting Uncle Collin for the first time during the 24 hours he was home.  He moved from Oklahoma City where he was in training for Air Traffic Control to South Bend, IN where he'll work at SB Regional Airport!

In trying to capture what Ellie really looks like right now - which is harder than you might think with an infant - I took about 50 pictures!  This one was the winner.

Robbie getting down on Ellie's level to get a closer look.  He shows a fair amount of interest in her and often comes over while I'm holding her to nuzzle her and give her kisses!  He is also my best diaper-changing-assistant, fetching diapers and wipes for me and then quietly watching as I go to work.

Sweet girl...

Robbie had his first sprinkler experience recently - he loved being sprayed and just stood there, soaking wet, trying to figure it out!  He wanted to touch the sprayer that was spinning without getting wet, so he walked around the perimeter of the yard to the other side of the sprinkler, thinking he could get around the water.  When it kept spraying him and his plan was spoiled, he sat down in the grass and cried for rescue.  Adorable.

A few weekends ago the Bellitos and Larsons came for a visit so the kids could play and to meet Ellie.  Robbie and Charlotte showed Luke and Ryan Bellito some love!

These two... melt my heart.  Holding hands - it was supervised date.  Although I'm going to have to insist that Robbie show up with clothes on next time.

Resting after a long day, looking a lot like Daddy...


Kristi K said...

the pictures of ellie are beautiful!

the deKorne family said...

Great pictures! She is so beautiful and perfect! I sleep with my mouth open, too-but I argue that at least it prevents snoring. :)

Heather Green said...

Oh! LOVE this post! I mean, I love every post, but this is so sweet. And very brave of you-- putting your sleeping picture up. Kudos. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, how adorable is your family!! Thanks so much for taking the time to post these pictures. I know you're exhausted and have so much going on right now. Thank you for letting us take a peek at what you've been up to!

I love the pictures from the lake house. It's so nice to see Bob and Joy -- please give them my love. I can't believe how big the cousins have gotten! These kids really need to stop growing! So good to see Collin, too. It's so exciting that he's going to be working in Indiana!

LOVE the picture of you and Ellie sleeping. Us Goodell women are the same type of sleepers -- it's really the only way to go! I have a picture just like that one of me sleeping while holding Ty! :)

Ellie is such a doll -- so adorable, sweet, beautiful, and on and on and on! She is just precious! And look at those little legs (in the picture with Corey) -- oh my goodness!

Love the Robbie vs. the sprinkler picture! Way TOO cute that he tried to outsmart it!

Love you guys!