Sunday, August 16, 2009

Please Hold...

*UPDATE!...  I don't know how it happened so quickly, but the blogging-hiatus is already over!  Thank you notes are in the mail, Ellie's now sleeping in her bassinet and has some rhythm to her nighttime sleep and daytime naps, and I am getting 7 hrs of sleep at night, usually only to be woken once for a feeding!!  (I think it is a combination of those sleep books I invested in back when Robbie was little, and the grace of God.  But mostly the grace of God.)

Dear readers of our blog:

I will be taking a brief blogging-hiatus. 

I need to sort out Ellie's sleep issues (she and I FINALLY went to sleep at 4am for the night last night / this morning... and got 3 hours of broken sleep... no good!).  

I also need to catch up on thank-you notes for the sweet gestures, gifts and meals you all showered us with after Ellie's birth.  I am so embarrassed that I'm not done yet.

It just doesn't seem right to sit at the computer when I need to be catching up on sleep or writing thank you notes.  So you can peek into our lives once again after we've caught up on things!



RyanLaurenAbby said...

I haven't done thank yous either if that makes you feel better! I will be praying for some sweet sleep for you!

Jennifer said...

A blogging-hiatus is totally understandable. I can't find time to update our blog either and I don't even have a newborn baby to contend with. How sad am I?!!! Looking forward to hearing from you when you return -- at your leisure, of course! Love ya and hope you are able to get a good chunk of sleep...soon!

the howards said...

oh ashley...I so understand. We aren't sleeping that bad, but still having sleeping issues. You'd think by 8 months and 3 kids we'd have it figured out. Apparently not. I'll call soon...we'd LOVE to see you. Praying with you for sleep!!