Thursday, February 18, 2010

(clearly, i need to get out more)

Robbie and Ellie have been sick since late last week with what I think is the worst version of upper respiratory infections/colds paired with double ear infections.  It is challenging for both kids to be so sick at the same time, but this isn't a pity party.  I took them in to the doctor on Tuesday night because they were so miserable, and Tylenol wasn't doing the trick.  

We left with prescriptions for 2 bottles of Amoxicillin, and if it weren't neon pink I'd call it liquid gold.  (You thought breastmilk was given that nickname, didn't you?  No.  It's this stuff.)

Both kids woke up on Wednesday with completely different dispositions, and although they are still hacking away like they are coughing up a lung, they aren't miserable anymore.

So you can imagine how awesome it was this morning when I dumped Ellie's bottle of happiness all over the kitchen floor.  

Contrary to what you're thinking, I did not take this picture for blogging's sake.  I took it as evidence (no joke) of my spill, in case the pediatrician's office questioned my story when I called them to ask for a replacement bottle.  You never know what kind of crazies are out there, trying to hoard bubble gum medicine!  Do people do that?  I'm not one of them, I promise.  See?  Proof.
Thankfully they were happy to replace the prescription without giving me the 3rd degree.

So we're trying to be creative with our shut-in status.  Ellie has developed a LOVE for her babydolls, and even when she's sick-crabby, being handed one of her dolls instantly makes her squeal and pump her legs and arms with delight!  It is so precious.  While Robbie and I do things together at the kitchen table, I give her a doll and she plays happily with it until we move on.

(*Sidenote: this picture is making me nuts.  She has cut her bottom two teeth, but here I think I can detect the bud of a new tooth on the bottom... do you see it?  I can't wait to stick my finger in her mouth tomorrow morning and investigate.)

This morning I introduced Robbie to Play-Doh for the first time.  I've been saving it from Christmas for a situation just like this - stuck inside with nothing new to do!  He loved it, of course.  He looked at me like I was a miracle worker when I made little round balls and lined them up for him.  

And when I whipped up a mini version of his favorite Monster, Sully?  I could have sworn I heard him promise to make me breakfast in bed for the rest of my life.  We kept things monochromatic today, but I'll have my camera ready when I bust out the pink, yellow, and blue tubs at the same time.  It's going to blow his mind.

Kind of like when he gets to have an ice cube in his sippy cup at snack time.  


J. said...

Funny! I totally relate: we're a monochromatic play doh family. And I just started giving K. ice cubes in her sippy as a treat--she's two and a half.

Jennifer said...

Too cute! I'm glad to hear everyone is on the mend now. We, likewise, started with just one color at a time with the Play-Doh. Now we break 'em all out at the same time. We're wild and reckless over here! :)