Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Does God play trains?"

Robbie has gone from being verbal to mimicking everything we say to making specific demands and asking questions.  Most of the time it's cute, sometimes it's trying ("applejuice! applejuice! APPLEJUICE!"), but it seems to always be progressing.

This morning he woke up in a very sweet, contemplative mood, and over his favorite breakfast of mini blueberry muffins ("cake!") and scrambled eggs, he let me in on what was going in his little head.

Robbie:  Mommy?  God HERE?... {pointing up to the sky}
Me:  Yes, God lives in heaven.  But remember, he also lives in our hearts?
Robbie:  Yeah, ok!  {nodding}

...silence as he thoughtfully eats his muffin...

Robbie:  Mommy?  God sleep?
Me:  No, the Bible says that God never sleeps!  He is always watching over us.

Robbie:  See God?  Front window!?
Me:  No, we can't see him out the front window.  Remember we can't see him yet, but we WILL see him in heaven!
Robbie:  Yeah.  {nodding again}

...stares at the table for a few minutes while he chews his muffin...

Robbie:  God play toys?  Play TRAINS!  {convinced that God shares his love of playing trains}
Me:  Well, God is with you when you play, so I guess in a way, yes!
Robbie:  {smiles, happy that God is playing trains with him today}
Me:  {worried that I just totally screwed up his theology because I told him God plays trains with him!  How do you answer that?!}

How in the world do you answer these incredibly thoughtful questions on a level that a 22 month old can comprehend?!  It's hard.  I know and am confident about my theology, enough so to not be afraid to train my children in 'the way they should go'.  Mostly because God promises His Spirit to us to help us, and I'm learning a lot right now about what it means to live in the Spirit.  But to get my beliefs packaged into smaller, easy-to-understand concepts that make sense to my little guy... I've got my work cut out for me. 

I have a book called "Big Truths for Young Hearts" by Bruce A. Ware that I should probably start reading now.  I sort of thought I had a little more time until we got to this point... haha! The book was reviewed by Moody's radio program, which my mom heard and thought was very good.  I also noticed that our church (Wheaton Bible) carries the book in their bookstore.

I love my little guy's thoughtfulness about who God is and what He is up to, and how God might overlap with him.  It is so humbling to think about the responsibility we are given as parents for these precious little ones and their hearts!


the deKorne family said...

i just think it's nice that he doesn't think God is in the toilet. clearly you are doing a better job than i am! :)

Kels said...

Ash, this post was just precious! Robbie and Ellie are so fortunate to have you and Rob as parents; to receive thoughtful answers to deep questions, and to have their hearts guided daily towards Christ. And Robbie is going to be one smart lil' guy! :)

love you all so much!