Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Nothing clever to say today... I think I'm spending all of my energy keeping up with the kids!  And I'm also in the greatest Beth Moore bible study at church (with an amazing, precious group of women), but it is literally taking all of my free time.  Blogging is first on the chopping block when something's got to give.

We've just been hanging out close to home, and had my parents and sister out for dinner last weekend.  I forget all the time to take pictures of people with Ellie, so I snapped one of my mom.  Ellie is proving to be a fairly sensitive little lady, and only prefers to be held by those she is familiar with.  Thankfully this includes my mom!  This picture also serves to show my mom's dear friend Mary that her baby gift for Ellie finally fits!!  Oh happy day.  And it's A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.  Thank you!!  (I will be sick when she outgrows this cutie outfit.)

We got brave and hauled the kids out furniture shopping last weekend so that we could make some decisions about Robbie's new bed (twin bunk).  I am not one to pass up the opportunity to doll up my favorite girl when we go out.  You can tell she was thrilled.  Please note the child's jeans - I found them at a resale shop for 3 dollars.  Practically brand new DKNY SKINNY  JEANS!!  Ha - for a 6 month old baby.  Where do they even sell these things?!  I nearly died when I saw them, and then again when I put them on her.

Having a girl is so much fun.

Ellie cut her first 2 bottom teeth on Saturday!  True story, since I felt them coming through the gums Saturday afternoon, she has slept 12 hours in a row overnight every single night, dropping her usual 4am feeding!  Who knew that wake-up was caused by teething?  She continues to enjoy her oatmeal and steady stream of pureed fruits and veggies, often overeating and spitting up a little once she's laid down in her crib.  My theory is that she has never loved the taste of her 'special' formula, and now that she gets to eat real food, she's horsing it down!  Perhaps a little too eagerly.

The little lady and I went to the pediatrician for a follow up exam of her (big!) noggin as well as 2nd doses of flu and H1N1 shots.  All is well with her head growth, and we also discovered that Ellie is a very tall girl for her age right now.  Following in her brother's footsteps with those Livingston genes!

Robbie continues to display his ever-evolving personality with silly antics and attempts to make us laugh.  This usually happens at dinner time, when he's over-tired from the day.

He's surprised us lately with how much information he is able to absorb and regurgitate.  It's a little frightening when your 'baby' enters this phase.  Every word out of our mouths is tested out and repeated by him.  For some reason he is fixated on Taco Bell - one too many taco commercials during a football game one Sunday, and now anytime we're watching TV and it heads to commercial, he chants "TACOS! TACO BELL!".  The child has never eaten a taco in his life, nor have I ever taken him to this fine dining establishment.  You'd think we ate dinner there every day though, the way he goes on and on.

Other new additions to his repertoire:

"not bibix, CRISPIX!" = repeating our correction
"blue bullies" = blueberries
"oatmeal - blech!!" = when I feed Ellie her cereal, which makes him gag
"Okay, okay, okay" = what he says instead of a simple 'yes'
"tummy time!" = whenever I put Ellie on the ground and he gets down next to her
"donuts, coffee" = his breakfast request nearly every morning
"no waddah chai - dabucks!" = mommy's 'drink'. oops.
"Sa-mommy" = salami
"garage, daddy... front door, Mima" = explaining the point of entry for dad and grandma
"funky", "moto-moto", "bean boy" = words that instantly send him into fits of giggles, from his favorite videos
The words to the opening song for Veggie Tales (he sings along)

He 'reads' (has memorized?) the following books to us:

I love trucks
Baby's 100 first words
Yummy Yucky
Big Little
Ride along with thomas
Boo, Baby

And every night he asks us to read to him out of his Children's bible, saying "Read Jesus!".  Then he quietly hunches over his sweet folded little hands and puts his face an inch from the pages and listens intently for as long as you'll read to him.  I keep praying that this interest in the Bible is deeply rooted and continues to grow into a love for God's Word as he gets older.

The sweetest part about this phase has been teaching Robbie bible verses.  So far he knows John 3:16, Romans 3:23, and Psalm 34:13 by heart.  I start him off and give him the occasional filler word to keep him going, but he knows these verses really well.

He has recently shown an increased interest in using the potty, spontaneously requesting for his clothes and diaper to be removed so that he can "pee-pee in potty".  Rob and I agreed not to post 'potty pictures' for Robbie's privacy.  This is me displaying INCREDIBLE self control, because I have some great pictures of him testing out the potty.  They make me laugh so hard!

Although he seems interested, the attention span for actual training is not there yet.  Monday was an experiment in training, after many successful uses of the potty over the weekend at Robbie's request.  But all we ended up with on Monday were multiple wet training pants and a wet couch cushion.  For now we'll encourage him to use the potty whenever he wants, without pressure.  After talking with friends and even a nurse-friend at our pediatrician's office, it seems that it will be clear when he's ready to really make the transition.  Maybe in a few months!

If you're still reading this post, you must be either very bored at work or have a slow day at home with the kids.  Our lives right now are not very interesting... but I love these days and wouldn't trade them for anything!


the deKorne family said...

oh it's not boring. :) none of us has clothes on yet and you can't walk thru the toys in our family room. that's pretty exciting for 11 am. it's a thrilling life! fun that he is talking so much, love the skinny jeans, and good luck with the potty!

J. said...

Ha--read 'til the end and we are having a slow day at home! N. has a pair of skinny jeans from the Gap, and I find them hilarious! I do find that the diaper defeats a little of the shape, though. Oh, and dressing a girl--yes!

Abby said...

Cute pics! I love that you're teaching Robbie scripture. I keep thinking I need to do that...but then for whatever reason, I don't. You guys are great parents!

Jennifer said...

...or you're up at 2:30 am cause that's the only time you have any quiet time to yourself and you're relishing in it! :)

LOVE your posts! They're NEVER boring!

The Larsons said...

loved the entry during my quiet time in the day! Little Miss Ellie blesses my heart each time I see her. Gap skinny jeans were one of the first things I personally purchased for Char; however, I bought them in size 12mos. Because she was walking at by 11 months the skinny jeans did work out so well...she couldn't get herself up to walk in them. I couldn't stop laughing the day I eagerly pulled them out for her to wear and realized my poor child could not move in them. She is not one to suffer for fashion! :)

Love you guys!

Robert said...

Not boring at all Great stuff. I am very proud of my grandson.