Sunday, February 28, 2010

A whole new world

On Saturday we ventured out to the DuPage Children's Museum (DCM).  Although chaotic (note to self: don't go on weekends), there was enough there to hold a little boy's attention for DAYS ON END.  That's saying something.

We will be going back.  And at some point, I will get brave and Ellie will be allowed out of the stroller (poor thing).  And I WILL let Robbie play in the water next time.  (I will... I promise...) 

I think our favorite part was the 'wind' section.  Below, you'll see Daddy teaching Robbie to get creative with educational tools.

Getting a little antsy.  Not her most lady-like pose in a denim jumper.  Oops.

I am still trying to figure out how I am going to 'enjoy' taking both kids in a way that is fun for both of them, without losing my mind (or a child).  This seems to be a theme, with any activity I attempt.

Survival for me, fun for them!

We will get there.  And we will probably start with the DCM, because that place is pretty awesome.  Plus, it's just another day for the people who work there to see the place torn apart, and children running / yelling / throwing things.  If you are a mom, tell me you don't love the freedom that gives you!

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noahpaul said...

Children's Museums are the best! but you're right, very difficult with two kids=)