Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have a lot of them to get off my chest. And I think it's so much more fun to read about what makes another friend human and flawed than why they think they have it all together.

So here you go. Enjoy my shortcomings and start feeling better about yourself riiiight... NOW.

*Sometimes I go to Whole Foods not to grocery shop but to dinner-shop. It's my lazy woman's way of putting a hot dinner together without cooking. I don't do it often, but when I do it's so nice.

*I crave fruit right now (it's about time... this baby was in danger of being created out of pasta and cheese and pastries!). And while some women splurge on expensive jeans or high end make up or spa treatments, I like to move things around in the grocery budget from time to time and splurge on organic, already-washed-and-sliced fruit. Again, from Whole Foods. I'm starting to dream about those tall containers of grapes and berries. It's bad.

*After Ellie's weekend health adventures (we'll call it), Robbie has become this little volcano of emotion ready to erupt at any given moment. He mainly struggles with the times I have to pay more attention to Ellie, hold her, give her medicine, etc. He will randomly throw a toy he's playing with out of nowhere, or stand up and look me in the eye and with a deadpan expression on his face, yank his paci out and throw it across the room. Often these little outbursts remind him of just how mad he still is that I up and left him Friday night with the neighbor (I'm guessing!?) and they escalate into full blown fits of anger or outright screaming for no reason. And after 5 days of repeated and varied forms of discipline for these behaviors, I have now resorted at times to flipping on Toy Story 3 to distract him from his inner torment. ;) Totally bad parenting, I realize, but desperate times and a tired mommy, you know? And this morning as he quoted much of the movie verbatim I was brought to a new level of shame. We're going on movie lock down. As soon as Ellie's rash goes away and she can stay awake for more than 3 hours during a given day. Then. For sure. Oh and did you catch in there that he has his paci again? And during the daytime? I'm winning mom of the year for SURE.

*I made a 9 lb ham for dinner last night, and the endless possibilities of what I can do with the leftovers is almost too much culinary excitement. I will now shamelessly ask you for your favorite ways to eat leftover spiral ham - recipes, ideas, anything. Leave me some love in the comments!

*I haven't left the house since Friday except to: take Ellie to the pediatrician, buy a new baby monitor, buy a new thermometer, do one massive grocery shopping trip, attend a moms event at church, go to bible study, and meet with a mentor of sorts for lunch. Although that sounds like a lot of getting out of the house, none of the trips lasted for more than 2 hours and I'm coming down with severe cabin fever that not even a baking session can cure. The kids are feeling it too and we need to get OUT of this house.

*In spite of my desire to get out of the house, I love that our calendar is nearly obligation-free for the rest of the month. There is something about having a 2 yr old, 1 yr old and baby in utero that is draining the life energy out of me. Apparently I'm not getting younger with each pregnancy.

*I'm channeling Paula Deen and cannot stop putting butter on everything. Even wanting to eat certain things for the simple fact that I could PUT butter on it. Muffins and any sort of toast in the morning are sometimes the only reason I am happy to get out of bed. I am going to hate myself for this next April.

*I'm getting crabby at my maternity clothes. As comfortable as elastic waist pants are, there's not much about them that makes you excited to put them on.

*Ellie has worn pajamas for the last 120 hours straight. That would be since Friday night. At least she's had 2 or 3 baths thrown in since then, and I am rotating her pj's at least once a day!

*Our video camera's digital memory is now totally full. We bought it just prior to Robbie's birth and I have yet to really figure out how to upload videos and file them properly onto our computer. And back them up. I've tried and it just doesn't seem like I'm doing it right, so I don't delete the files off of the camera. Time to figure it out.

*Ellie's bedroom mural still has the name we didn't chose for her chalked into it. I have yet to paint 5 little pink birds perched on a tree branch with the letters E L L I and E on their bellies to personalize her room. You know, 17 months after her birth, and just a few months before we move her out of the nursery and into Robbie's room. Aside from the fact that I have totally neglected her baby book, it's one of my larger embarrassments/failures as her mom (as far as things that don't really matter but do matter to us as moms!) and I hope she doesn't hold it against me when she gets older.

*I should be folding laundry but instead I'm blogging.

And with that, back to the land of productivity!


The Larsons said...

I love you (few flaws and ALL)! You are an incredible mother who daily sacrifices for her little ones, even on the days you don't feel like you are. Things we can rest assured of as mothers on the days when nothing seems right - 1) our little ones adore us more than we ever deserve 2) God loves us more than we ever deserve and 3) there are other mamas (and friends) out there going through the same things! Thanks (again) for being vunerable. And, I leave you with this - graham crackers with a small smear of butter sandwiched between another cracker! Yum!

Jennifer said...

Ah, yes, me too! Need I say more?!! I'm right there with you, friend! I can especially relate with the 2nd to last confession about painting. We've been in our house now for about 4 months and I still have an endless amount of painting to do. Don't feel too bad. We can only do so much you know! You're an awesome Mom and your kids are SO blessed to have you!
Oh, and mom used to make scalloped potatoes and ham with the leftovers. I don't have the recipe but you could just kind of make it up -- throw some ham and potatoes in a pot and bake away. :)