Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She's doing fine. :)

Thanks so much for your sweet comments and concern for Ellie this weekend. I just wanted to post a little update that last night, while dressing Ellie for bed, we were able to figure out why she's been so sick. A pin-prick looking red rash appeared, covering her torso and now also her sweet face. Coupled with the swollen eyes and general lethargy, we know that she has Roseola. There's nothing you can do to treat it so we're waiting for it to simply run it's course. She has spent the last few days sleeping a lot, she's remained fever-free, and yesterday during the 3-4 hours she was awake, she only wanted to be on my lap or held for most of the time. No complaints here! We are thankful to have figured out what was making her sick, and now know that until her rash clears, we need to keep her away from other kids.

Robbie had this same illness when he was exactly Ellie's current age, and it was also the ONE time he's ever trembled and had jerky body movements during sleep in response to being feverish. He never seized, but I remember being on alert for it to happen then.

Not looking like herself at all right now! Poor girl.

Couch potato.

Hard to tell, but the rash covers her torso. It's pretty, right!? I get itchy just looking at her, but she's pretty unfazed by it.

Yesterday, I talked with another young mom I know from church whose daughter went through exactly what we went through with Ellie, just on Sunday night. While these seizures are really common and not alarming to doctors, they are horrible to experience as a mother. We both agreed that while our daughters seemed to be doing fine already, it was us (the moms) who were still recovering!

I came across this verse and it was a good reminder for me...

"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.” And he worshiped the Lord there." 1 Sam 1:27-29


Jennifer said...

Roseola!...of course! Tyler and Caleb both had it as well, but I never realized that the fever part of it could get so bad. Oh, I am SO glad that Ellie is doing better and that she's in the final days of the virus. Hang in there, Mommy! You're doing a GREAT job!!!

Parker said...

ashley i am so sorry!! that was definitely a horrible experience. I am so thankful that the Lord protected her and you! What a definitely encouraging verse. Praying for a fast recovery!!

Dave, Ninny and Isla said...

We were praying for you even tonight before I put Isla to bed. So very happy that she's doing ok. Those fevers are so scary! And coupled with a seizure, I really don't know how you dealt with it so well. Praise Jesus for protecting our sweet babies. xoxo

RyanLaurenAbby said...

Thanks for the update, Ashley! We will continue to pray for sweet Ellie.