Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I should charge admission...

The things coming out of Robbie's mouth recently have been precious, hilarious, and very thoughtful for his age (if his mother does say so herself - haha!)...

- "Don't forget the diaper bag, mommy!" {Anytime we leave the house or exit the van.}

- "Baby, I'm so glad you're here." {During a shopping trip, Robbie randomly asked to talk to the baby in my tummy. This is what he wanted to say.}

- "Mommy, don't forget to buckle me!" {Yelling, in a panic. Every time we pull out of the garage, even when he IS in fact buckled in. Apparently that ONE TIME I got all the way down the driveway before I realized I had forgotten to buckle him into his car seat really made an impression.}

- One morning Ellie laid her head down in the middle of the family room floor and started to suck her thumb out of exhaustion. I said out loud, "Aw, you poor girl!" and Robbie stopped playing with his trains, looked over at what was going on, and said "Put that poor girl in her cribby!".

- "I am going to play Candyland. ACTUALLY, I'm going to play trains!"

- "It's very good, indeed." {When we asked him if he liked his dinner one night. And no, we have never used the word indeed in normal conversation. Even our dorkiness has limits.}

- "R-O-B-B-I-E!" {How do you spell your name?}

- "I'm breaking the rules." {After chasing him back into his bed at night upon finding that he had gotten out.}

- "Robbie not do bummy drops on mommy - mommy has a baby in her tummy." {Thanks, bud. The baby thanks you, too.}


Rebekah Wallace said...

giggling to myself. such a funny little boy. I hope you are feeling better!

Kacey said...

And I would PAY admission. What a funny little dude indeed :) Oh and for the record, I have carried his Buzz Lightyear sippy into church every Sunday except last Sunday when OF COURSE I saw you. I guess we need a play-date if he is ever going to get it back. Yes, I'm holding it ransom.

designHER Momma said...

this stuff just makes my heart smile.