Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My itty bitty baby

Madeline gave me a bouquet of first smiles to start off the day yesterday! If I didn't already think she was beautiful (which I do), her lopsided grin that reveals a right-side-only dimple sealed the deal. Then she decided to pull a fast one on me, and showed me that she fits more comfortably in size 1 diapers than newborn size, as well as 0-3 month clothes and sleepers as opposed to newborn size. Slow down, little lady. You grew up too fast for me this week!

Now I am obsessed with trying to capture her new expression with the camera. Good luck to me. I'll share a picture when I get one!

By the way - it was 85 degrees here yesterday (and humid). We were red-faced and sweating after 30 minutes of playing outside, and I even turned on the air conditioning before nap time! Bring on summer...

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