Thursday, May 5, 2011

That thing you do

I realize that when I am tired or preoccupied, I lose my sense of humor. Sorry to those of you who used to read my blog for entertainment - it's become more of a documentary/journal blog for the time being. Hopefully my sense of humor reappears soon, because it's more fun to laugh and find the comical side of things!

My kids, however, are not lacking in hilarity.


- laid down on her belly on the kitchen floor yesterday, and with her whole body stiffened, pushed herself backwards around the room with her hands. It was really odd, I've never seen anyone do this. Ever.

- says "BOUNCE!" when I retrieve her from her crib and before I can grab her, gets up on her knees and bounces like a maniac. This lasts for a good minute or two, and I don't know if it's her floppy hair that falls completely over her face while she does it or what, but I just stand there and laugh at her every time.

- brought me toy tractor tires on a kids plate and exclaimed "DESSERT!". A whole bin of pretend food, and this is what you are serving?

- somewhere along the line, the kids have figured out that ice cream can come in a cone, and that you hold it up to your face and lick it. (We only do ice cream in bowls over here. Surprised?!) So now their new favorite thing is to hold up an object - any object - and lick it over and over and say between licks "Ice cream". The Mr. Potato Head tongue is the coveted pretend ice cream item - they will fight over who gets to hold and lick it each day, and on a good day (for them - bad day for me!) they share it and take turns licking it. In other news, I have given up on the germ situation between the two of them.


- has taken to whispering the last half of his spoken sentences, randomly. He will start to say or ask for something, and then decide whispering would be more fun and cup his hands around the sides of his mouth and finish it off with a whisper. The part that kills me is that he raises his eyebrows as he does this and tries to really get you excited/engaged in whatever he's saying. I guess we do this a lot?

- offered to nurse the baby yesterday when she started to fuss by coming up to me, pulling his shirt up and saying "I can nurse Maddie!". Um, no, you can't.

- was playing outside with my sister the other day, and found a little colony of ants in the sidewalk crack. She said that he was examining them closely, and then smacked at one with his hand, pulled back, took in the carnage, and quietly said to himself "Well, THAT was interesting!".

- new hobby: hunting for ants on our kitchen floor with Ellie. They both crouch down and entertain themselves once they've found one for quite a while. Do you all get ants in the summer like we do? Dislike.

- got really mad at me the night I painted Ellie's nails because he wanted me to paint his, too, and couldn't understand why boys don't paint their nails.

- insists that a new part of his bedtime routine must include Rob and I acting like we are about to kiss each other, and then Robbie sneaking his face in between us at the very last second so that instead of kissing one another, we each end up kissing his cheeks.

Even Maddie makes me laugh:

- Rob took a picture on his phone this morning before leaving for work of Maddie and I sleeping. She sleeps up against me in our bed at night (no judgement! Or feel free to judge, just keep it to yourself. ha!), and apparently we were both sleeping in the same position at the same time - one arm up over our head with our face snuggled up against it. It looks like we staged it, and it's just funny to me because she looks so little next to me but is quite a carbon copy!


Jennifer said...

Arg! I dislike ants with a passion! Be glad you only have them in the summer. We've got 'em year round. I can figure out how they're getting in and around our kitchen and it drives me crazy! I sometimes catch the boys squishing them with their fingers (a habit they unfortunately have learned from me -- oops!)!

Love Robbie's new bedtime trick. So cute! You've gotta send me the picture of you and Maddie sleeping! Sounds adorable!

rachel said...

babies are supposed to sleep with their mamas. :o)

your tales of your sweet family enchant me. thanks for taking the time to share them with all of us.