Sunday, May 1, 2011

The weekend in pictures

We all have our moments, hers are just so cute that I have to capture them.

Finding solace in the baby's Little Lamb chair, her favorite refuge.

This weekend, it seemed that no one was able to resist Madeline's charm. Ellie snuck a few peeks at her while she rested in her swing, and gave her a few (supervised and surprisingly gentle) pushes.

This is her leaning in for a hug.
Be still my heart.

Our friends Jeff and Becky drove down from Wisconsin just to meet Maddie for a few hours on Friday!

Then my Aunt Sherry stopped by on her way into town from Cincinnati to see my grandma Jessie, and brought Jessie over with her to spend time with us on Saturday.

And of course this little guy has to snuggle her each day.

A quiet Sunday chat.

Sweet Maddie - you are precious to so many of us!

And just because they're cute...
Siblings playing trains in the front window.

And tearing apart the living room furniture.

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