Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Favorites right now

Pumpkin Candle - cliche but makes my house smell like Fall

Dino Dan - 4pm is less painful because of this cute kid. The dinosaurs are CGI in this show so they are a little intimidating for Ellie but she loves it as much as Robbie does. I'm up for anything that's not Caillou.

I'm reading this book right now, and it's one of the best books I've ever read. Highly recommend.

This Haba toy is Maddie's favorite right now.

This Sea Moss Black Sand body scrub by H2O is changing my life. (Fine, I'm exaggerating.) I am so tempted to go buy 10 tubes of it because H2O is notorious for discontinuing something right when I decide I love it. I have rough skin on the back of my ams, and this is the only thing that has actually smoothed my skin without irritating it. Plus it smells amazing.

Hot cocoa. I've already discussed my love for Hershey's classic recipe on the side of the container, but please consider *my adaptation: In a pot on the stove, combine 1/2 C sugar, 1/4 C Hershey's unsweetened cocoa, *1 tsp cinnamon, and a dash of salt. Add 1/3 C hot water and bring to a boil, stirring constantly while boiling for a minute or two. Add 2 cups of milk and heat but do not boil. Pour into mugs and top with marshmallows. (*I omit the 3/4 tsp of vanilla, exchanging it for cinnamon which gives it depth as opposed to making it too sweet.)

This book "Humility" by C.J. Mahaney is really amazing. I've been reading it for a while - taking my time and trying to really absorb his words. This book totally surprised me and changed the way I think about humility, and is encouraging and inspiring and challenging all at once. A must read.

It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask. Nothing will make your hair feel softer or healthier. It really is amazing.

Smashbox cream eyeliner in Sepia. I got tired of smudging my eyeliner, and this little pot came with its own liner brush. So much faster and much prettier on, too!

Tom's black canvas shoes. After very little convincing from my fashionista-friend, I got these for the fall to wear with leggings. I'm already in love.

This new sitcom, Up All Night, is brilliant. Probably entertaining most to those of us in this stage of life right now, but Will Arnette and Christina Applegate are hilarious. I'm glad it's already Wednesday and I have this to look forward to watching with Rob tonight. NBC @ 7pm (central).

Yoga. I need more of it in my life. But we are working out some issues (ahem) right now as far as childcare goes, and I've had to take a short sabbatical from the gym. It's what I consider "Me Time" and I'm trying not to be selfish about it, but I miss it. I really hope certain little people decide that hitting and peeing their pants isn't all that fun. When we turn the corner, we'll get back there. I think it'll be soon.

Wisdom and Folly blog (found here).
This blog is written by a Taylor prof and his wife, and Rob and I really enjoy it. No picture - just go check it out!

Also, not to be forgotten...
I love it. I need more of it. If you are getting it? You should really appreciate it. :)


Rebekah Wallace said...

Hi Ash,
I haven't commented in a while but I have been reading.

I have to say, Up All Night is a new fave as well and I pretend that Ryan loves it as much as I do when I make him watch it. Love you friend!

Jennifer said...

You are my product and book guru! One day, you will have to tell me how you even have the time to read -- something I, sadly, find so hard to accomplish. I think I've been reading the same book since the beginning of the year! haha! -- sort of! :) Looking forward to checking out the show and the blog, too.

Becki said...

So glad you love your Toms!! Also, I LOVE my smashbox makeup and especially like their liner and eyebrow filler & wax. Going to go look at that book on Amazon--you're the best!! <3