Saturday, September 10, 2011


The night before all flu broke loose, we enjoyed a new frozen yogurt place nearby.

Ellie looking oddly grown up after the flu had sucked the life out of her.

Maddie's favorite person right now is Robbie, who loves to make her laugh.

Guess who finally found her thumb? She doesn't suck on it with any regularity, and she has also taken to sucking on a pacifier occasionally. But neither seem to be particularly interesting to her, and she doesn't need assistance putting herself to sleep so I'm fine with it. Still cute.

Ellie LOVES to color right now. She was occupied for nearly an hour as I made dinner when this picture was taken, if I remember correctly.

Robbie loves to bury himself in his crib with his pillow, blankets and stuffed animals. I had to take a picture because it was hard for me at first to find him. Who can sleep like this!?

We have welcomed the (temporary) return to lazy mornings. Before everyone started getting sick, we had made a daily habit of shipping off to the gym immediately upon waking. It was a nice routine, and one that I have missed this week! Although one perk of the stomach flu is the inadvertent weight loss. (Did I just say that out loud? Whatever, you all think about it too!)

Things you always swore you'd never let your kids do (before you had kids): eat dry cereal in your bed and stay in their pj's through naptime.

This morning our kids hit the jackpot. Cereal AND Jamba juice that Daddy brought home after his morning errands were done.

After a rough week, we are excited to get back to preschool, the gym, cooking dinner and our daily routine!

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