Saturday, October 1, 2011

iPhoto will not take me down tonight

Does anyone else out there feel like this?

I literally cannot look back through old pictures very often or the following things happen in a series of events that cannot be stopped midway through:

1) I can't stop clicking back in time.
2) I cry.
3) I start to wonder where the time has gone.
4) I start to cry harder.
5) I have to resist the urge to wake my kids up from their deep sleep and hug them close to me.

Where in the world did these BABIES go!?!? I remember those winter days last year well. What I am having a hard time remembering is...

1) our van with only 2 toddlers in forward facing seats in the row directly behind me
2) life before these two got really chatty
3) how easy naptime and bedtime was when these two had their own rooms
4) how they interacted with one another, or actually the lack thereof
5) when the day came that they both decided they were done with riding in the double stroller

And now I will force myself to go to bed without another click through iPhoto. I was going to post a picture of each child at birth and also at 6 months, but I fear that will do me in tonight.

Babies. They grow up too fast.

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The Samsons said...

iPhoto does me in too. It's so addicting looking back at your own "memory lane" and yes, they grow too fast!!!