Saturday, October 22, 2011

Remember the first weekend in October?...

It was an awesome weekend for us, and I've been a bad blogger and am just putting this post together.

Rob's parents came for a visit! (Grammy and Papa, to the kids.) We were all so excited to see them, and the kids were in h.e.a.v.e.n.

Maddie enjoyed spending a lot of time in Grammy's arms.

Papa spent a lot of time in positions similar to this one... basically on the floor playing with Robbie (& Ellie) or doing whatever they were doing. My favorite picture EVER of Robbie and Dad Livingston is similar to this one, from 2 Christmases ago. (click here to remember)

We spent some time at the park behind our house...

...and went out for pizza for dinner. (I love how Maddie's just hanging out in the corner of this picture!)

We spent a beautiful afternoon at Cantigny and Robbie loved climbing the tanks. This has become my new favorite picture of my boys. I told Rob that one day Robbie's legs will be so long and we will look back at this picture and be amazed at how little he is in it. For now he seems old to us!

Maddie getting spoiled by her Grammy's love and attention. These two were peas in a pod.

Such a beautiful Grammy!

No small feat, to carry this guy around. Papa is a sport.
I still think Robbie looks most like him, as far as family resemblance goes.

We had a lot of time together during this visit to just play in the yard, cook and enjoy meals together at home, play with the kids (Grammy spoiled them with lots of fun new toys) and go to church together. We even had dinner with my parents at our house on the Livingstons' last night here. It was a nice amount of time for them to devote to seeing us, but no matter how long each visit is, it never feels like enough.

Thanks again for a wonderful visit, Grammy and Papa! We can't wait to see you again - we love you so much!

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