Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little helpers

A few weeks ago we spent the afternoon in the front yard, and the kids decided that there was work to be done. Could it be? Are we in the beginning stages of finally getting them to help out around the house? {Probably not, but a mom can dream.}

Please note: I did not ask them to do any of this, nor did I give them the ideas or the supplies. I think knowing that makes it even cuter! I just kept taking pictures as they found chore after chore to tackle.

...the sidewalk's not going to rake itself!

...she started off 'raking leaves' with her hands...

...then moved to the snow shovel...

...and the broom...

...before finally (happily) landing on the rake.

Never thrilled to snuggle up together for a picture for mom. It doesn't keep me from trying!

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