Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well it became clear at 4am this morning that Maddie probably did have the flu because within 20 minutes of one another both Robbie and Ellie were throwing up in their beds. I always wondered how I would juggle this situation, but thankfully I didn't have to figure it out right away since Rob was still home. After a few hours when the worst seemed to be over for the kids, and it was clear that I would most likely not get sick (I thought for sure a few times that I had it too - the Lord had mercy on me! Seriously.), Rob left for work and I set the kids up in the family room like this:

Oh my! 2 sick beds, a bucket (to share because the others are MIA, nice) and a baby in a high chair. Good times on a Tuesday. :)

Everyone went down for naps in their beds around 9:30am or so when it was clear that their little bodies were exhausted and not going to break the throwing-up cycle themselves. Robbie just woke up a few minutes ago (4 hour nap), Ellie is still sleeping. The stomach flu always hits my kids so hard! Poor Ellie especially, when she got sick just before her nap, her face would flush red hot and her eyes sort of rolled back with each heave. She couldn't sit herself up straight while getting sick. (Anyone else have this happen with their kids? I called the nurse at our ped's office because yikes. Not exactly normal. And then Robbie got really mad at me when I hung up because "You didn't tell them that I AM SICK TOO, Mom!" Oh dear.)

At least all 3 kids have the flu out of the way now! We lasted 6 months since the last time, and since Ellie just had croup a few weeks ago and Robbie had it yesterday, *we should really be in good shape this Spring.

(*Famous last words.)

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