Monday, March 12, 2012

Lights Out

Robbie is almost 4, Ellie is 2 1/2, and Maddie is almost 1. This is what goes on when they are supposed to be sleeping...

...suddenly realized that 1) she can get out of bed on her own after we have put her in it, and 2) she knows how to open her bedroom door and thus make her escape. Until now, she hasn't been able to twist open any of our door handles in the new house. They are glass knobs and I think they were too large and heavy for her little hands to twist. Not anymore. Not going to lie, I liked it better when she thought her big girl bed was a crib with invisible railings. just like her momma when she sleeps. Mouth open. Talks a lot in her sleep. At any given moment, arms and/or legs are hanging over the edge of the bed. One night I went in to put her back up on the bed as she was falling out! It was impressive timing but totally coincidental, in the monitor I could just see that an arm and a leg were hanging over the edge. She has yet to fall out of bed, but it's coming. At least her room is carpeted.

...Ellie goes to bed around 7/7:30pm, sleeps in until 7:30am, and takes a 1-2 hour nap from about 12-2pm. She tells me when she's tired and ready to go to bed. She loves for me to lay with her as she falls asleep, but we're trying not to do this much anymore so as not to create bad habits.

...has been caught playing with his Leapster Explorer under the covers when he is supposed to be sleeping! This kid... he is like a 13 year old trapped in a 3 year old's body some days. fond of hiding coins underneath his mattress on the wood beam between the slats of the bed. I only found them while he had the flu because I had to change his sheets. Now I know where his secret hiding place is! Don't tell him I know. ;)

...absolutely hates going to bed, but we still make him do it around 7/7:30pm. He sleeps until 5:45am, maybe 6am if I'm lucky and he's extra tired. Then he decides what kind of mood he's in: tap mommy's face until she wakes up? stand nose to nose with her and breathe quietly until she freaks out and wakes up? go stealth-mode and try to unplug her iPhone and sneak off with it to take pictures for an hour? or just climb up into bed with her and nag her to put a cartoon on until she gets up? getting over his fear of sleeping in his own room and no longer talks about being afraid of the dark, but does not like to spend a minute longer than necessary in there by himself. {See above...}

...does not seem ready to begin potty training overnight. We've had a few failed attempts and aren't rushing things.

...averages 1 or 2 naps per week, and Wednesdays are almost a guaranteed nap day since "School is really makin' me tired!".

...loves for me to tuck him in with the story of how his dad and I prayed that God would give us a baby, and then HE was born! And he makes us so happy. He closes his eyes and snuggles down under his blanket and everything seems right in his little world.

...catches her naps when she can. She typically takes 2 a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Some days she only gets one monster nap, like on Wednesdays when she typically sleeps from 1-4pm, and some days she catches up and takes 3.

...adores the stuffed animals in her crib and clutches them as she sleeps. She uses a paci to sleep, and I think this also helps her with her teething discomfort. She hates her sleep sacks and tries to pull them off!

...heads to bed around 6:15/6:30pm, and sleeps until 7:30/8am! She rarely wakes in the night, although lately she's been bothered by her teeth. The sounds of the ocean on her sound machine make her feel like she's on vacation, and coupled with her soothing aqua walls, I'd sleep 13+ hours each night in there too.

...cannot fall asleep if anyone is near her, in her room, making noise, or rocking her. She is sleep trained to a fault. But I'm not complaining! All I have to do is lay her in her crib and within minutes she is asleep without a fuss. starting to wake up with bed head, and I love it. Around this age, Ellie showed signs of wave and curl in her hair. I wonder what Maddie's texture will be like, but it doesn't matter because that shade of strawberry is holding strong and it couldn't be cuter. Especially when it's sticking straight up and out!

...frequently has a rectangular imprint across her forehead when she wakes. The girl is a snuggler, and when she can't find a stuffed animal in her crib apparently she gets cozy with the crib slats.

As for ROB and ME...
...we are still waiting to string together more than a few days of sleeping through the night. With 3 little-ish ones, someone is always waking up, getting out of bed, calling out, falling out, crying for a drink, or teething and needs comfort. Maddie has been sleeping through the night for the better part of the last year, and the older two are doing better now that they have their own rooms. And yet... we are still tired from who knows what that is going on through the night! Thank goodness for hot showers, coffee, and under eye concealer.

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