Thursday, March 8, 2012

So much to laugh about

After serving Ellie her breakfast, she said "Thanks, Mommy! That's so kind of you!". She has also said this to me after brushing her hair, dressing her, etc. It kills me every time!

Me: "Robbie, can you help Ellie remember not to push Maddie over when you guys are playing? You're the big brother - I need you to help protect your little sisters!"
Robbie: "But mom, I'm the train guy {as he plays with trains}, so I can't protect anyone."

Rob called me this morning to let me know his iPad is missing, and he can't remember using it since Monday. He asked me to try and figure out if the kids snuck it, which is becoming more and more of a possibility these days!
Me: Robbie, did you play with Daddy's iPad or hide it somewhere?
Robbie: Um, yeah. Last day.
Me: Well where did you put it?
Robbie: Well, I hid it in the kitchen. Or maybe I put it in Daddy's purse. {?!} Actually, Ellie took it.
Me: Ellie, did you hide Daddy's iPad?
Ellie: Um, yeah! It's in the playroom.
Robbie: Yeah mom, she hid it in her purse.
Rob was on the phone and could overhear all of this, and we both just started laughing as we gave up the search for the time being. Clearly we weren't getting anywhere.

On the phone this morning...
Rob: How are you feeling today, bud?
Robbie: Good! I just have no more throw ups this morning!

Robbie: Mommy, Maddie's a genius!
Me: She IS a genius!
Robbie: Yeah, she's a genius because she does all the right stuff, not the wrong stuff.

Robbie and Ellie take showers with me sometimes in the morning, and our shower door is all glass. They figured out that they can back into it and make prints on the steamy door with their sweet little bums. They are so proud each time, too, always making me look and oooh and aahhh over it.

Ellie likes a little solo playtime every once in a while and disappears into the playroom for sometimes 1/2 hour or an hour on end, often emerging with all sorts of accessories - something on her head (a box, or last year's flower petal headband from Easter), a purse on her arm, and pushing her toy stroller which is full of toys, not babies. And she is very serious about it.

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Molly said...

Do you remember my friend Jess from TU? She was telling me the other day that her 2 1/2 year old told her, "Mommy! My juice is in the bottom of the fridge like I asked. Good listening!" Ha. I love it.