Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mommy milestone

Odd things happening with the babe. She was {over}due for her 11 month photo shoot in the rocking chair after church today, but it didn't happen {again}.

Friday night I gave her hummus spread on multi-grain bread. She ate half a sandwich worth, along with some grapes, multi-grain cheerios, and chopped melon. Oh, and it was roasted garlic hummus.

Saturday morning when she woke up and I went in to get her, I found her in a crib full of vomit. Lovely. Poor babe was covered from head to sleep-sacked-toe, but was happy and babbling as I stripped her down and gave her a warm bath to freshen up. After an entire day of eating and drinking normally and no change in her happy, contented disposition, I chalked the incident up to feeding garlic hummus to a babe not yet 1 year old.

But then this morning on our way out of church, as she was drinking her milk bottle, she unloaded it as she reclined in her infant car seat. We were in the hallway with the masses, and seeing as how she kept spewing large amounts of milk, all I could do was stop moving and tip the stroller so that she was more upright than laying back to keep her from choking. We sort of mopped her up and made our way to the van.

And I tell you this to say, it's no small thing that I felt neither anxiety or adrenaline as she puked all over herself! {"We'll clean it up." - "She'll be fine." - "Maybe she'll get sick again." - "Maybe it's a gag reflex sort of thing?" - "Could it be related to her teething and the little bit of congestion she has?" - "Maybe she has reflux?" - "It could be anything. It doesn't really matter, she'll be fine."}

She's been fine again all day since this morning, which leaves me perplexed as to why she randomly throws up without warning or fuss. She's not bothered by it either, when she does. Go figure.

We spent some time like this today...

And then Rob and I laid on the couch/floor while she crawled around, waiting for her energy to burn up before laying her down for her nap and catching a quick one ourselves.

Oh my, this one. Such a little love. {Looking not at all sick!?}

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