Thursday, April 5, 2012

600 pictures

A phone dump of pictures from the last few weeks yielded over 600 images from our daily life. They range from hilarious to adorable to 'I can't believe she did that'. I'm anxious to post them for you, and to formulate a birthday post for my big 4 year old and one for my new little 1 year old!

But a few things have gotten in the way...
{*Ambiguity is intentional to protect the innocent.}

- 2 cases of Influenza A.
- 2 pulled stomach muscles from 4 days of intense coughing fits.
- 1 nearly full body rash.
- 1 feverish, glassy-eyed toddler.
- 1 preschooler with a growing case of cabin fever.
- 1 case of croup.
- 2 severely underslept parents.
- 2 trips to the doctor.
- 3 trips to the pharmacy.
- 1 trip to the car dealership for an oil change and a new spark plug (resulting in 3 hours in a sparsely furnished children's play area, ugh).
- 1 steam-up-the-bathroom-then-sit-on-the-front-porch-in-the-cool-air treatment.
- 1 grandmother who took one for the team and spent whole days helping me with the kids only to come down with our illness herself (I'm so so sorry, Mom!).


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it. We have been in blog withdrawl here in NJ. But now I can see why. Hope everyone is on the mend. We will be checking back for lots of pictures! :)

The Larsons said...

Oh friend, your family always gets hit so hard! Praying for you each day. xo