Saturday, April 14, 2012

Best Fwiends.

These two.

It is what you'd probably call a typical sibling relationship. But to me?

It is such a precious little bond between two little souls that can hardly be described.

It is the stuff my dreams are made of. You know, when they're not fighting. Or kicking and teasing and stealing each other's toys. (They are precious, but they ARE human! Ha.)

This past March we had a stretch of unseasonably warm weather. One night, Rob was working late so the kids and I ordered pizza and ate it on the back porch as the sun sank low. I reminded myself that Oxyclean gets stains out of shirts, and sometimes fun is messy, and let them eat and play and generally do what they wanted to outside for a while before scrubbing them down in the tub and tucking them into warm, clean beds.

Well played, if I do say so myself.

I love these two and am so thankful that they love each other!

"Mommy, we are best fwiends!"

Music to my ears.


The Larsons said...

precious and beautiful.

jen said...

I second that! ...well, played Momma! Such a sweet relationship!