Thursday, April 19, 2012

A babe and her blankies

Madeline has developed a strong affection for her soft blanket and 2 little lovies. Her beloved blanket was a gift at birth from her Aunt Becky and Uncle Jeff, and her two little lovies were a random purchase I made when she was an infant and I thought, 'I can let her have these in her crib now, and even if they end up over her face, they're muslin and she won't smother herself...'.

Apparently keeping those little lovies nearby did the trick because now she clings to them when I pick her up out of her crib in the morning, drags them around the house, pulls them out of the laundry basket through the side holes, and tucks them under her chin in a loving embrace as she nuzzles them back and forth.

It's pretty adorable. But there's not a whole lot that doesn't fall into the adorable category right now.

The lovey steal out of the laundry basket...

If she finds her blanket and lovies in a pile, abandoned earlier in the day, she happily reunites with them by throwing her head down on top of them and taking a moment to rest.

This makes me want to eat her up.

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jen said...

Doesn't this make you think kids have the right idea about life? I think I should start leaving piles of blankets around the house and just taking a moment to rest every time I come across a snugly pile, too. Great idea, Maddie! :)