Monday, April 16, 2012

March Mishmash

Last month was full of fun things that I didn't blog about. Time to catch up on a few of them!

We spent time with friends at a nearby park and fed the fish our stale bread...

We painted raw wood birdhouses...

Robbie has faithfully worked through his preschool workbook and can just about write the entire alphabet, as well as his name and Ellie's name. His patience and focus surprises me.Nearly every day he says "Mom, I need to do my preschool workbook homework!". We have since gotten him a maze workbook too, and he loves completing them.

I am at my most creative (pathetic?) when Rob has to stay later than usual at work. One such day, we needed to run to Buy Buy Baby for something, so I brought apples and picked up hot dogs at Portillo's for the big kids, and while Maddie took her bottle, Robbie and Ellie ate dinner as we shopped. It actually worked out fairly well, aside from the fact that I looked like the worst mom ever, feeding my kids dinner in a shopping cart!

We've logged a lot of time in the swings.

We return weekly to feed the fish our stale bread...

...and do our best not to let the pesky ducks steal our scraps.

Our morning routine typically includes milk and dry cereal and a cartoon or two up in Mom's room while she gets ready for the day.

And this little cherub catches naps where and when she can in between all the action.

The last picture I have of her in her infant car seat!
I love those sweet, soft little baby legs.

During the warmer days (there were a few in a row where we saw the mid to high 70's!) we had dinner on the back porch.

And dinner outside always means popsicles for dessert.

(And the ant obsession continues...)

And no, this doesn't even complete my catch-up!


Aunt Kels said...

The little worlds that these three know are so simple & precious. There's something sweet about candid shots like these that capture that! xoxo

jen said...

dinner in the shopping cart -- i bet every mom in that store thought you were the coolest! PLEASE, send those little ant hunters down to our house. we have enough ants crawling around to keep them busy for the rest of the year (that's florida for ya)!