Thursday, December 20, 2012

Be your own barista

Homemade vanilla lattes are easier than you think to make at home. Here is how I make mine...

What you'll need:
-French press
-Espresso ground for French press (I like sbux's holiday espresso blend)
-vanilla syrup (sold at sbux)

Put 2-3 scoops of espresso in the French press and add about a cup or so of boiling water. Stir then put the lid on, but don't press it for about two minutes.

Meanwhile fill a 16 oz mug with milk, nearly to the top. Pour that measured cold milk into the saucepan and slowly heat on the stovetop. When it starts to get warm, begin to whisk it as fast as you can - this makes the froth. Remember not to boil the milk, just heat it up!

Grab your mug and put anywhere from 2-4 pumps of vanilla syrup in it, depending on how sweet you like your drink. Then add the espresso - I like about a cup of espresso but your taste might be different. Play with that measurement. Swirl the espresso around in the syrup to get it nice and warm, then pour the milk in and too with some of the froth.

If this sounds time consuming or hard, just try making it once. You'll see it's really not a big deal! And it's soooo good.

*if you don't have a French press you can certainly brew one cup of espresso with a coffee maker - just be sure to add extra scoops of the espresso to get a concentrated blend.

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