Saturday, December 29, 2012

The month of December (Part One)

This month has been a wonderful one - we have been blessed with health (something that never escapes me after last winter!) and have enjoyed immersing ourselves in the Advent Season. We had high hopes of completing one or more advent activities each day, which proved ambitious. Even so, after leaving some of those little scrolls in our advent calendar unattended to, we found the spirit of Christmas in our home and in our hearts. 

And now I have to make up for my lack of memory keeping and blog posting... for my little family's sake. For the blog book that I hope we will look back on and read in the years to come. 

Mismatched Christmas pj's and cozy slippers

 Best resale shop find ever!

 Hide and seek in a messy closet (and in plain sight)

 Um, excuse me ma'am!?

Little girl doing big girl things 

To a one year old, twinkle lights are like one big string of mini flashlights to shine on your toes. 

 Singing while swinging on the bannister. For, like, 10 minutes straight.

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