Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Month of December (Part Two)

 She has her own methods.

How they hang while I shower. Also, Robbie puts this on every. single. day. 

 In December!

 Decorating sugar cookies with Mima's help.

 Their finished products. I didn't have the heart to give them away!

Some of the rest of the batch. Start to finish, it took 4-ish hours.
I love to make sugar cookies and I HATE to make sugar cookies! haha.

 Setting out to deliver christmas cards and sugar cookies to our lovely neighbors. 

I have decided that it is wonderful to have an 'excuse' to go knocking on neighbors' doors (Christmas!). I'm not shy, but that can be a little... weird... to do alone. What is more disarming than cute kiddos and yummy treats?!

Just because she's adorable. And I have a weakness for rogue cheerios. 

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