Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everyday life

Some days are more interesting and comical than others, but today's post is more of a nod to the mundane.  Nothing special has happened.  We have no set plans for the day (other than my running to-do list that I HAVE to make a dent in soon!)  Robbie woke up with really cute bedhead, had orange pieces and pancakes (a treat) and milk for breakfast, and has been playing happily in his pack and play for the last half hour while I take his picture, sip my tea, and catch up on email and friends' blogs.  But I love these mornings and find so much blessing in them.  Being a mom is the best.

Favorite way to make me laugh - flipping his finger between his lips and making funny sounds.  The crazy hair just adds to the comedy.

Robbie is becoming a very active little boy - rolling around his pack and play with abandon, standing on his toys, quickly walking along the perimeter while holding on to the sides, and as we speak - experimenting with how loud and high pitched his happy-yelling can be.

Just playing with my toys in my pj's!

When asked "where's mommy's belly?" he now points directly to my baby bump! 

Pooped, in more ways than one. :)  Time for a fresh diaper and a nap!

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Jennifer said...

Too cute! I have come to ABSOLUTELY LOVE those days when we don't have anything that we HAVE to do. It's so nice just to relax, play, and take the day easy sometimes. I'm with you -- being a Mom is the greatest! Not because we have nothing to do -- that's just a crazy thought -- but because we get to enjoy seeing our kids do EVERYTHING! Even lying in their pack 'n plays exhausted and stinky! :)

Rob is so cute -- so much fun!