Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome, little one!

I have a tendency to follow tragic blogs.  I don't know why.  I am compelled to pray for every family and sick baby that I read about.  I have always had a tendency towards being sensitive (read: the reason I didn't pursue a career in Psychology!  It sort of defeats the purpose if the patient has to comfort the doctor, right?).  I can't imagine some of the circumstances others find themselves in, and every new story I come across seems to break my heart all over again.  I think what I appreciate about so many of them is that the authors are not only allowing but praying for God to minister to others through their suffering.

So it was especially refreshing and a great blessing to me to be able to visit a dear friend (and her husband) in the hospital tonight who just gave birth to their 3rd child.  Her pregnancy was not without its own unique set of complications, but her baby was born perfect and beautiful and healthy.  I held the baby in my arms for somewhere around an hour, and realized that I have a much deeper appreciation for health and life and these fragile little ones.

I was mesmerized by this little dark beauty.  The silky hair (there was a lot of it!), the delicate eyelashes, the invisible eyebrows, the perfectly formed nose and lips, the paper thin fingernails, the still-incredibly-flexible feet that curled themselves up and inward, the smell that only babies in the hospital have and so quickly lose, that little 'o' that the perfect little mouth makes during deep slumber... I envisioned this little person all tucked into a ball, just days ago, still inside my friend's womb.  I thought about my daughter, still growing and developing, curled (most of the time) into a tight little wad inside of me, except for when she is trying to claw her way out through my belly button which seems to happen every night after dinner!  I thought about the miracle of creation and how every moment of it is plainly visible to our Great God, and not only that, but He is the one forming each of these new little people in 'the secret place'. 

Nothing escapes Him.  The perfection and uniqueness that each tiny baby possesses, even when it may not 'look' or seem that way to us.  The story of their (our!) lives that will unfold as it was written by Him before time began.  Every aspect and minute of our lives is known by Him, from beginning to end, intimately.  And He is full of love and compassion and grace and generosity.  Why in the WORLD do I allow fear to have any place in my heart or daily life, knowing these truths?

Thank you, sweet little baby, for reminding me tonight that God is so good all of the time.  We are so glad that you are here!  You are a beautiful miracle.