Friday, May 1, 2009

Update on our little girl

Yesterday I had my final ultrasound (we think) at the hospital, and it was fun to see our baby girl again!  She has gotten so much bigger in the last two months that she no longer fits very well on the ultrasound screen.  Here's the best picture:

If you're wondering (like I did) what those bubbly-looking things are that seem to be floating in the amniotic fluid above her face, that is the umbilical cord.

Everything still appears to be right on schedule and progressing perfectly... we are incredibly thankful for her health.  My favorite part about seeing her was when the technician had a perfect view of her face straight-on.  She moved the ultrasound wand in and out so that I could see the contours of her face, and our baby's chubby cheeks were actually visible!  I have never seen that before in a typical ultrasound, which tends to be very skeletal-looking.  

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Jennifer said...

Wow! I can't believe you're only a couple months away from delivery day! She is beautiful in black & white. Can't wait until she arrives!