Thursday, May 21, 2009

I heart daddy. And couscous.

Tonight I made BBQ chicken and couscous for dinner.  After Robbie ate an entire, large orange (of course cut into pieces), I decided that he could have what we were having for dinner, too.  I got out his bowl and spoon, which I am not good about doing, and we practiced 'scoop... then eat!'.  Takes so long.  Such a messy process.  But I suppose using a spoon is a life-long skill that he must learn, and soon. :)  The couscous was a perfect consistency for this task - sticky enough that it was pretty easy to scoop, small enough that he could easily get it onto the spoon... and of course, at one point somehow he caught the spoon on the side of the bowl and ended up flipping couscous at his face!  You can see some of the remnants of it on his temple in this picture, but his whole face was covered.  He thought it was hilarious.  Thankfully, he also really liked my couscous!

Trying very hard!

Getting hungry, and in a moment of weakness, digs in with his hands.

Daddy usually comes home right in the middle of Robbie's dinnertime.  I had my camera out already, capturing our moments with the spoon, and caught these images of a little boy who adores his daddy.

You're HOME!!!  (You're way more fun than mommy.)  Look what I'm doing!

Daddy gives Robbie some love, which Robbie obviously soaks up.

Look at that smile and expression!  Totally smitten, in adoration of his dad.  I love it.


Jennifer said...

How cute! I'm SO glad you had your camera out and ready at just the moment Rob came home. Those pictures are priceless! Tyler is the same way when Ray gets home. As soon as he realizes Dad has pulled in the driveway, whatever he was previously doing, whether it be playing, eating, etc. -- it's all over -- it's all about getting outside to see Dad at that point! I LOVE that they love their Dad's so much! :)

Nice job with the couscous, by the way. Ty won't touch the stuff, but I'm a big fan. Especially the boxed ones you get a Target cause they take like 8 mintues! Quick and easy -- that's my motto these days!

Can't wait to visit and see how you manage to get all of this stuff done each day! I have so much to learn from you! :)

Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

those pictures...especially that last one. perfect!