Sunday, May 17, 2009

A nice little collection of randoms

What do you expect?  
Some of the profound and not-so-deep thoughts that are swirling through my head right now...

- I must pack my hospital bag before I forget and one day soon go into labor and find myself totally unprepared.  (A paralyzing thought to someone like me.)

- I have been considering removing my 'baby girl' ticker at the top of our blog, because it makes my heart pound every time I look at it and realize our countdown is nearing its end!

- Although we had a lovely life before starting a family, sometimes looking at pictures of Rob and I before we had Robbie makes me sad.  I can't believe there was a time that he did not exist as a part of 'us'! 

- People told me not to buy clothes for Robbie and our little girl on the way that would require ironing.  Crumply cotton outfits, shirts with collars... and you know what?  Turns out, I LOVE ironing baby clothes!!  It hasn't stopped me yet and I'm not sure it ever will.  Plus when the clothes are the size of your hand, all you are basically doing is setting down the iron once and boom, the shirt/outfit is pressed.  And oh, how I love a crisp button down shirt or tidy polo on my little guy.

- Some of my maternity tanks are actually starting to do that thing where they pop up over my belly underneath whatever shirt I have on over it.  Meaning: my belly is getting to big for MATERNITY TOPS.  Ladies, you know what I am talking about.  Please tell me you know what I'm talking about.  

- If I get the nurse at my doctor's office tomorrow that laughs after I step on the scale, it's going to get ugly.

- I really want to wallpaper a room in our house.  I probably never will, but I just love what I've seen lately.

- It's going to get into the 80's this week!  I'm breaking out Robbie's new $5 pool for the back deck.  I may throw some bath soap in there too, if I'm feeling lazy / lunch was especially messy / the neighbors aren't looking.  The whole idea reeks of class, doesn't it?  Don't worry, I'll take pictures just for you.

- I feel like I am in my favorite place in the world when I look out the back window at my husband working in the yard, while my son is eating (smearing) his lunch (all over his head).

- I want to be smarter about frugality.  This weekend I bought Ginger Peach tea bags, and paying $5 for the jar of 50 sachets seemed indulgent.  However, I am IN LOVE with this tea (hot or cold).  It was a good buy.  50 cups of tea for just 10 cents each!  If I forgo one Chai a month (or one trip to Dunkin Donuts), that pays for the whole month of tea.  Why is it hard to think that through rationally?

- I caught Robbie climbing / scaling the banister today.  When we walk past a light switch he wants to flip it on or off.  He is enamored with the garage door.  When I start to put him in his car seat he immediately looks up at the video screen and points and wants me to turn a movie on.  When it's over and the screen goes black, he literally yells at me!  And all I can think is: WHERE IS MY BABY?!

- I wonder when my (used and very cheap) copy of a book about blogging will arrive?  I need inspiration!  I know, you couldn't tell, could you?


Parker said...

i love reading your thoughts! I think that the tea thing is great. I started buying my own tea and skipping out on my weekly starbucks trips. I know that it will save alot of money!!

Jennifer said...

I love your blog postings! They always make me smile and chuckle (just had to use that word -- it's a good one!)!