Friday, May 8, 2009

A beautiful day, from beginning to end

This morning when I looked out the window, it seemed like it was going to end up being a stay-inside-and-be-productive-while-it-rains sort of day.   I ran an errand with a friend once Robbie woke up, and when we got home I put him down for his morning nap.  I ran a load of laundry, ate lunch, wiped down our filthy stairs, and was making a mental list of all the chores I wanted to complete this afternoon.  Boring, but all necessary.  (Especially since we had been gone Monday through Wednesday traveling to Cincinnati to visit my relatives on my mom's side of the family.)

I heard Robbie waking up from his nap, and when I went in to get him, it seemed like the whole day just decided to lighten up!

First of all, this silly boy had apparently been awake for a little while and was trying to disrobe himself.  He got his arm stuck inside his outfit, which is when he decided to let me know he was awake and started to call for my help.  Of course, I ran for my camera before getting him out!

He was especially expressive after what appeared to be a very refreshing morning nap.

I cranked his window open to let in some fresh air while I changed his diaper, and that's when I realized that our gloomy, chilly day had turned into a beautiful, warm spring afternoon.  I bagged the list of chores and decided that we were heading over to the Morton Arboretum for an afternoon outside.  I changed Robbie into shorts and a short sleeved shirt, and applied - GASP - sunblock to every inch of his exposed skin (first time this spring!).

These tulips welcomed us into the parking lot of the Arboretum - don't you love the color combination?!  

And these were just plain pretty.  I wish I had them everywhere, all the time.

Our friends the Deedricks and Aunt Cheryl were also spending the afternoon at the Arboretum, so we met up with them for a little while to play.  Steve (Daddy Deedrick) had a hat on that Robbie took a liking to, and even wanted to wear around.  

Cheryl and her 2 boys... Robbie and Levi!  She knows these boys inside and out and loves them both so much.  Levi is 3 months younger than Robbie, and the last time we saw him was in the Fall at the Arboretum, when Robbie was 6 months old and he was 3 months old.  They are both so much bigger now!

The best part about the Arboretum for Robbie is this little area where you can pump water and watch it run through these wooden channels.  I don't know how else to describe it... all the big kids pump the water, and Robbie just plays at the bottom of the trickle-down channels, splashing away at the water pooling with stray wood chips.  He likes to pick the wood chips out and show each one to me like hidden treasure.  It is such simple, innocent entertainment and it totally melts my heart each time he proudly shows me his newest splinter of wood.  (Is that ridiculous?)  I always respond to him as if he were showing me the most beautiful thing in the world, which seems to greatly satisfy him.  We did this for about 30 minutes until he was soaking wet and very dirty.

Unlike the last time we let him loose in the water in this little play yard, I had come prepared.  Before heading to the car, I stripped his cold wet clothes off and wiped him down with a dry towel.  I put him in a dry one piece outfit and bribed him into sitting in his stroller, strapped in, with juice and a snack.  It was sheer mommy brilliance, if I do say so myself!

Robbie, relaxing on the way to the car with his juice... sunning his pasty white legs!?  I just loved this view I had of him reclining.  What a life...

And I am noticing that beautiful days make me sentimental... or maybe it's the growing realization that my time alone with Robbie is about to come to an end, and so these fun play-days we have together are even more special to me.  Whatever it is, I thought his toes looked especially baby-ish and delicious today, which warranted a picture. :)

My handsome little boy, as sweet as can be.  

We got home just as Daddy was pulling in from work, and while he mowed the lawn (is there a greater sound/smell?!?!  I think not.), Robbie napped and I put my feet up.  We decided to try something new for dinner, and went to Alfie's, which is basically a medieval diner.  I truly don't know what to make of it.  On the way home, we picked up some Dairy Queen - and yes, it was heavenly.   

What a fun day we had!


Becki said...

Look how blue Robbie's eyes are! Beautiful!! That does sound like a great day. The boys and I went out for a long walk and a drive in the car (about as adventurous as we can be) just to get out and enjoy the weather.

Jennifer said...

Wow! A fun day indeed! I especially like the stop at Dairy Queen as a finishing touch - yum! (Random note: our DQ closed -- I've totally been craving a blizzard!) Anyway, Ash, you're SUCH a GREAT mom!!! I love how you just go with the flow and don't let chores or errands or anything else stand in the way of your spending time with Robbie. I love what you said about getting sentimental/cherishing your special times with just you and Robbie -- it's so true and such a good reminder to me, too. I always learn so much from you. You have such a sweet, sensitive, gentle spirit -- I love that about you!