Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Definitely a Monday

It was a fairly uneventful day... until 'the diaper' happened just before bed (well, bedtime #2).


I took Robbie to the pediatrician this morning because he woke up feeling worse, not better (getting a chest cough, no sign of the nose drying up).  Turns out he has an ear infection as well.  Baby = falling apart.  Poor guy.

Had a blood-pressure-raising moment during the office visit when another baby was taken out of the office by stretcher to an ambulance because of respiratory distress.  I felt awful for the parents, who were obviously upset, and after our nurse left us in our little room but before the doctor came in, Robbie and I prayed out loud for them.  

Picked up Robbie's prescription and my 8x10 prints at Walgreens.  I can't wait to get the pictures up on our mantle!  

Grandma came by to nap Robbie for me while I went to my every-two-weeks-now doctor's appointment this afternoon.  It was delayed over an hour because the receptionists booked the doctor with patients for a full hour before she was scheduled to be in the office.  Therefore, this became the biggest event in my day.  ::seriously?::

Went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to spend the afternoon and evening with them while Daddy worked late.  Attempted to eat out together at Cracker Barrel.  Destroyed Cracker Barrel, like we do all restaurants these days.  

Put Robbie to bed at G and G's house while we watched the season finale of 24.  He woke up right at the end of the show, coughing deeply and crying.  Headed home...

Robbie and Daddy wrestle and play for a little while - until Robbie has the foulest smelling diaper and Rob needs to go to bed.  I take him to his room to change him, and in one quick movement after I have opened up his diaper, Robbie yanks on the top of it and pulls it off of himself and up his belly.  He's never done this before.  Poop everywhere.  Stinky, sick-poop.  On my hand, his arm, his belly, clothes, back... awesome.  He has a fit of giggles and seems proud of his accomplishment.  I am grossed out, exhausted, and wondering what I was thinking when we decided 15 1/2 months apart was enough.  Enjoy a few moments of Braxton-Hicks (sarcasm)... Relax.  Was going to run a hot shower and sit in the bathroom and read with him to de-congest his sinuses.  Decide on throwing him directly into a bath instead.  Bath is fun, but has to end eventually.

Meltdown when I lift him out of the bath.
Meltdown when I try to get a diaper on him.
Meltdown when I put his arms through his pj sleeves.
Meltdown after I let him flip the light switch and then try to carry him out of the bathroom.

Lay my little boy down in his crib and say goodnight, and never hear another peep or see any movement from him.  Is it possible to fall instantly asleep?  I think he did.  

Snot, poop, fits and all - I love this boy with all my heart.


Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

oh goodness! what a day! I was laughing SO hard at the whole poop scenerio!! DYING laughing! oh, all too familiar (unfortunately!).

And, I know what you mean...'sick' poop is So much worse than anything else!! =)

Jennifer said...

Hilarious!!! I would say that was a pretty eventful day! At least in Mommy world -- where every day has it's own "special" event, right?!! Sorry for the tramatic evening diaper change and post-bath session. It's good that he worn himself out though and you were (eventually) all able to get to sleep! :)