Sunday, May 31, 2009


Sadly I have not taken pictures of the last few days and all the fun things we have done and people we've seen.  On Friday Robbie and I got to meet our friends' new baby - she was so tiny and beautiful!  I kept looking between Robbie toddling around their coffee table (holding on, of course) and the 3 week old baby just feet from him, and got a little nervous about what we are in for!

Yesterday my mom, sister and I drove to Indianapolis (Carmel) to help throw a shower for my cousins.  2 of them are having babies and one is getting married... all in the next 3-4 months!  It was great to have such a happy reason to get together with extended family.  I left Robbie home with daddy since it was just a day trip (7 hours total in the car in one day is a bit much to ask).  Apparently they had a blast together - they hit up 2 parks, and Robbie stayed on his typical sleeping and eating schedule thanks to dad.  I didn't even get one phone call the whole day!  I couldn't have been more impressed, or grateful for my wonderful husband . :)

And last week, I meant to post a few pictures from the afternoon we spent at the Arboretum with our good friends Riley and Heather!  It was a hot day, and the kids loved playing in the water tables, soaking their clothes.  

As far as the pregnancy goes, I am definitely feeling like I am in the home stretch.  I woke up at 5am this morning with a charlie horse in my calf that would not go away!  It was brutal, and I popped out of bed way too fast to stretch it out and gave myself a nice long round of Braxton Hicks, followed by a morning of belly-ache.  This was a daily battle in my pregnancy with Robbie, and Gatorade right before bed solved the problem.  Thankfully, I am not swelling up like I did with Robbie!  I can't figure out why.  I'm thankful that it's not an issue this time around though.

We are now getting ready for one of my favorite friends, Jen (and her son Tyler) to come on Tuesday for a visit all the way from Florida!  I'm sure we'll have lots of fun stories and pictures from our time together this week.  It will be the first time I've seen her since my wedding, and we are excited to meet each others' sons and for the boys to play together since they are just 2 months apart in age.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah for a fun weekend! Can't wait to catch up with you guys and meet Robbie! Ty is looking forward to visiting the Arboretum water tables! (I'll pack an extra set of clothes!) :)