Saturday, May 16, 2009

No title, since this post is fairly unfocused.

If you know Robbie, you know he's a giver.  He likes to share his food; he reserves the pieces that he's already chewed for those who hold special places in his heart.  He'll plug your mouth with his paci on his good days and crack himself up.  Naturally, as his mommy and main play-mate, I am on the receiving end of many of these gestures.  So why am I surprised that Robbie has recently given me not only his love and affection, but his cold too?

It is with that disclaimer that I post the following picture - me, 8 months pregnant, and sick.  I am actually sort of sad that I haven't gotten more pictures of myself throughout this pregnancy, but it's my own fault.  It's just not that fun seeing images of yourself this big!!  Anyways, a few of you (dear friends) have been asking for belly pictures.  You might not after this post!  This one's for you.

Sorry, you get black-and-white for this picture.  Color would have meant running upstairs to throw on some blush, which was entirely too much effort. 

Today was a really fun day (aside from waking up with glands swollen to the size of golf balls and subsequently spending an hour in my dr's waiting room as I attempted to squeeze in for a sick visit and strep test).

We had a meeting at church in the morning, so my mom watched Robbie for us.  After lunch, we took Robbie with us to the nursery and picked out a few bushes and plants for our yard.  Can I just say that I love the nursery!?  (Not surprising, since it is a form of shopping.)  I told Rob today that I'm really sad that our yard overall is pretty shaded - the choices of flowers and bushes that require mostly sunlight were just beautiful!  I love what we came home with though.  And it was really fun to play with Robbie in the front yard while Rob planted.

Robbie prefers my water bottle to his milk bottle.  Mainly because it's 'not for babies'. 

Content to play in his parked wagon... not trying to escape, just pulling at the grass!

"Saturday in the Suburbs."


Jennifer said...

Oh, WOW, Ashley, you look GREAT!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Thanks so much for the belly picture, and I love that it's black & white. I am SO sorry that you're sick though. What a bummer! I'll be praying for a speedy recovery. Love the pics of you guys in the yard. Isn't it just so nice to be outside and enjoy working in the yard? It looks like you guys have a beautiful yard, too. Never thought I'd ever say something like this, but I envy your grass! :)

Kels said...

Ash - reading your blog is getting me more and more excited to be home with you guys! Can't wait to play with Robbie outside, go on walks, and hang out with you during the day :) and Robbie looks like he came straight from a Baby Gap ad in that polo =D (he pulls off the polo-look really well! haha)

Your new blog is beautiful and perfect for summer. Bring on the summer pics! love you so much (and see you before we know it!)