Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another perfect spring day...

So far this weekend has been the perfect Mother's Day gift any girl could ask for.  Beautiful weather that has allowed us to get outside (even if it's in sweats!) and stretch our legs... lots of time together as a family... did I mention I have not cooked a single meal either? (oops.)

Robbie and I joined Rob in the backyard late this morning as he was cleaning up our bushes and flower beds.  He had Robbie's new sand and water table all set up and ready for play!  Grammy and Papa gave this to Robbie for his first birthday, and he already LOVES it.

He's been getting lots of practice over at the Arboretum with splashing so he knew just what to do.

Discovering that the water was dripping over the edge.

I just love this picture from the back - Robbie is tall and overall just a bigger kid for his age, but he is still such a little person!  

He's starting to increase his vocabulary, but is limited by the sounds he's able to make.  So he does a lot of pointing in an attempt to communicate, and when words fail him, he just says "This?" or "This!" - your basic question and exclamation!
We can tell that he knows much of what we are saying to him, and has started to put names together with familiar faces.  But that's another post... 

After a while, I resigned myself (2nd day in a row!) to the fact that he was going to trash his outfit.  So I let him crawl around in the dirt.  This was preceded by the moment he almost crawled off the deck, and Rob hesitantly picked him up (with dirt-covered hands) to keep him safe.  He knew I would cringe at the mess, but I think I surprised him when I said 'don't worry about it - he's going to get messy anyways.'  Plus, Robbie's safety always comes first!

Ah, yes.  Boys love dirt.  This one likes to crawl around in it more than the grass.

Content to examine blades of grass.  Bless those sweat pants and socks.

A great shot of the hand prints on his onesie!  But he is so happy - I must let him get this dirty more often.

Dad, would you like me to help?

Playing together in the backyard. 

Mom, I picked this stick out especially for you!

The picture I will pull out and look at when I'm having a rotten day in the future.  Doesn't it just make you happy?

Breaking into Dad's shed.

I adore how much this little guy loves his Daddy.

We finished the afternoon off with snacks on the couch, and a lesson on how to drink from a glass like a big boy.  It was a forced activity - Rob and I were eating and drinking, and Robbie now wants to eat/drink whatever we have (and won't take no for an answer when it's close to nap time!).  So I shared my half-bitten grapes and yogurt, and Rob shared his water.  Our couch will never be the same.  But I suppose I said that a few months ago when Robbie pooped all over it, and it's no worse for the wear.

I need to find a happy medium between our current state and wanting to be perfectly clean.  Excuse me while I go call the upholstery cleaners.


Jennifer said...

Love it, love it, love it! Love the super fun water and sand tables. Love the crawling in the dirt and the dirty clothes. Love the helping Dad with the yard work. And, especially love the family snacks on the couch! I feel the same way you do about the happy medium between messy and too clean. I find that there are times I try to keep Tyler too clean when instead I should just let him enjoy life and new experiences. Props to you for letting the little guy crawl around in the mud. Praise the Lord for added blessings like washing machines and spray 'n wash, right?!! :)

Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

Such fun and beautiful pictures! A boy being a boy...isn't that what life is all about?! Loved his dirty little paw-prints all over his shirt. Reminds me of some little guy I know!=)

Patricia said...

I loved seeing these pictures again...never tire of seeing this age knowing how fast it will pass and how innocent it is! Robbie is so beautiful and Rob is the best!