Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh my goodness... it me, or does that stork on my baby girl ticker look like it's about to drop a little pink bundle into our nest any second?  Yikes.


Yesterday we marked two big milestones in Robbie's young life - he stood up in his highchair (I was there, don't worry), and he played 'sand and water table' in the toilet.  I usually remember to keep the lid down in all of the bathrooms, but as I was putting clothes away in his room and allowed him to crawl away for just a moment, I heard splashing from the bathroom.  I realized with horror that the bathtub was of course not full, and the only water he could be splashing in was toilet water.

So gross.  I washed him clean, but for the rest of the night would not let him touch my face.  


Not that I'm the most consistent blogger around, but I thought I'd let you know that we'll be taking a long Memorial Day weekend trip to the lake house and won't be posting anything until we're home late next week.  Robbie and I are excited that we get to spend all of our days with Daddy for about a week, and we cannot wait to see Aunt Kelsey (& meet her boyfriend Dave), Uncle Brad, Aunt Christine and Uncle Ryan!!  Grandma and Grandpa Armbruster will of course be there too, which is always fun ( and so very helpful to me especially).  

Did I mention that I'm looking forward to my Tom's Donut - frosted cake with sprinkles?  I wonder:  if I bought a bunch to bring home, would they keep well in the freezer?  Anyone tried this before?  (I'm only expecting prego's / former prego's to answer.  The rest of you have probably never visited this point of desperation for a good donut.)


I've been working on a few projects that I'll reveal later, which I think you'll enjoy seeing.  Several have to do with the anticipation of our baby girl, and several of the projects are things we're just having done around the house.  ALL of them are fun, pretty, and exciting to me! 

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend, and we'll see you when we're more relaxed and hopefully tanned.  :)

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