Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm so thankful to be able to celebrate my second Mother's Day this year.  It was a wonderful day, to top off a great weekend overall.  I even got a card written in crayon 'from Robbie'!  I know it is a blessing and not a guarantee to be able to have your own children, and to watch them grow up, and every single day we count this blessing and thank the Lord for Robbie and our little girl.  There is really nothing I would rather be in this lifetime than a mom and a wife who is devoted to her family, but most importantly to the Lord.  It is a lot of responsibility to be charged with bringing honor to God's name and to your family as a wife and mother, and I pray that every year I am able to experience growth in order to bring glory to God in these areas.  It is such a fulfilling journey!

Robbie, Rob and Me

Me and my sweet Mom, celebrating together!

Robbie and my awesome Dad

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the deKorne family said...

You look so beautiful! I can't imagine that you are honking any horns! :)