Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's been a while... and I only have 1 hour to get this post in before it's Tuesday!

But last week, I did NOT fall asleep on the couch at 8:30pm several nights in a row while watching TV with Rob.  

I would NEVER eat dessert after dinner, and if I did, I wouldn't make a habit of it.  Every night.  Big bowl of ice cream.  Don't even like the stuff.

Subsequently, the nurse at my last doctor's visit did NOT point to my chart and laugh after weighing me, when I asked her how many pounds I had put on since the last monthly visit.  (I know, totally mean of her, right!?)  As it turns out, what she thought I had gained in one month's time was actually 2 months worth of preggo weight gain (transcription error! Horray!).  I did NOT fantasize about making her weigh herself in front of me for a split second.

I do NOT let Robbie play with a tub of (tightly sealed) coral lip gloss while I get ready in the morning to buy time.  He only plays with boy-ish things.

I did NOT contemplate learning how to quilt so that I could be crafty and make a summer picnic blanket out of old pairs of jeans and a vinyl tablecloth, as seen on one of the many artsy blogs I read.  I am NOT still trying to self-talk myself out of it.  I am NOT going to try to find someone who quilts and find out how much they might charge for the project, if I were to supply all the materials.  

I do NOT get weepy on the inside after leaving Robbie in the church nursery, especially if he is crying.  I NEVER feel like a bad mom if when I pick him up afterwards, he has scratched his face in angst/frustration/sadness in my absence.  I do NOT rock him with a warm bottle of milk before his nap on these days.

I did NOT make my husband eat Taco Bell last night for dinner because I was too tired to cook and out of (cheap) take-out ideas.  Taco Supremes NEVER sound appealing, especially when I am pregnant.

I am NOT already making a mental list of the things I want to pack in my hospital bag.  

I did NOT totally forget to take Robbie to his library reading class last Friday.

I would NEVER get 2 separate packages from my sweet girlfriends in one day (today!) filled with things celebrating our baby girl on the way.  I did NOT tear up after opening each one.  

I would NEVER miss the opportunity to take a family picture on Easter Sunday when the 3 of us were all dressed up.

I do NOT dream about wallpapering our office off of the family room.  I do NOT hate the color of the walls in here.

I NEVER procrastinate clipping Robbie's fingernails.  He NEVER scratches Rob's face when they play in the evenings, and I NEVER feel guilty afterwards for it.

I did NOT declare this weekend that I can officially no longer give myself my own pedicures.  My belly is NOT so big that it's hard to paint my toes.  I am NOT falling in love all over again with my slip-on shoes.  I NEVER consider whether I could get away with wearing my slipper-clogs in public.

And I NEVER look forward to Tuesdays, when I can eat a $1.27 Totino's cheese pizza for lunch while I watch the last DVR'd episode of "24" during Robbie's nap.  


Abby said...

Too many of those are so NOT funny! ;) I actually DO wear my slipper clogs sometimes when it's my day to drive the neighborhood girls to preschool in the morning. They're just too comfy and warm and they have rubber soles, so it's ok...right??
BTW, I'm done with my HUGE project now, so I'll finish the 3-minute project of your pink headband (the rest have been done for weeks) and get those darn bows sent to you! Gosh! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long!

Jennifer said...

I have NOT made Little Caesar's $5 large cheese pizza part of our weekly dinner menu.

We did NOT miss church on Easter Sunday because we forgot the fact that the service times might be different because of the holiday. We are much too spiritual to ever forget a tiny detail like that!

I have NOT taken a trip to Target almost everyday for the past week so that I could return all of the items I have piled up in my garage (for eBay).

I do NOT have a 3-page "to do" list that just keeps growing. And I certainly would NEVER write something on my "to do" list that I had just completed JUST so that I could then cross it off my list and feel as if I'd accomplished something!