Sunday, April 19, 2009

You give me fever...

We aren't quite sure what is going on, but Robbie's been spiking fevers all weekend... mainly at night.  Since he isn't showing any other signs of illness (aside from a seriously waning appetite) I'm guessing it's just teething.  His 8th tooth is popping up on the bottom row.  Although I feel terrible about how miserable he feels and could really do without the broken sleep, I am loving how extra snuggly he is.  This morning I even got 2 unsolicited kisses from him!  Sweet boy.

On Friday morning, before he started getting feverish, we took a few pictures in the front yard.  It was gorgeous out, and almost 70 degrees.  I was happy for an excuse to put a few springy outfits on him that he received for his birthday (thanks, DeBlock's and Kelsey!) and let him loose in the grass for the first time this season.  He loved looking up at the trees and pointing to every bird he could spot.

On Saturday morning, although he wasn't feeling 100% himself, we decided it was too nice out  to stay inside and paid the Morton Arboretum a brief visit.  The Arboretum and I have a good relationship - it was the last place I spent any amount of time before going into early labor with Robbie.  I fully plan on spending every day in June here, in hopes of a repeat early-labor experience!

Robbie spent most of the time observing the other kids playing from the comfort of his stroller with a general glazed-over look.  He did manage to get out for a shoulder-ride on dad, and to splash around in 2 different little pools of water.  There is so much for kids to do at the Children's Garden that we can't wait to bring him back a lot this summer... especially once he starts walking!

And this afternoon, while Daddy was gone, we paid grandma and grandpa a quick visit between naps.  We thought it would be fun to try out one of his new birthday toys that we left here for Robbie to play with - the Ball Popper.  It didn't go over well at first.  This picture pretty much sums up how he felt - death grip on my jacket, with a look of 'why are you doing this to me?!' on his face.

And we can't be at grandma and grandpa's house without banging on the glass coffee table with slimy hands!  How fun.

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Jennifer said...

What a fun family weekend! I just LOVE seeing Mommy pictures, too! Thanks for throwing those in there! I just hope we can get up there for a visit -- I would love to see the boys playing at the Arboretum -- what a FUN place!