Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fasting and praying

Kate had her MRI today, and part of the update on her CaringBridge site reads:

"The chemo is working and God is moving!  ...Her tumor is shrinking! Praise Jesus! Today we were given a very bright ray of hope during this often turbulent storm."

Have you heard about Kate McRae?  She has a brain tumor and is going through chemotherapy to fight the cancer.  She is so young.  Her family is crying out to God for healing.  They are keeping anyone who wants to pray for Kate updated through CaringBridge as well as their personal blog.  I have links to both on my sidebar, but here they are again...  CaringBridge and McRae Family.  Her situation was brought to my attention through a friend who knows some of Kate's relatives personally.  

Feel free to catch up on their story.  The latest two blog posts on their family blog (second link) explain how they will be fasting and praying for Kate as she has an MRI to find out if the tumor is responding to treatment.  They are inviting others to join them if they feel led to do so.

I do.

I can't imagine Robbie or Ellie being in Kate's shoes.  I can't imagine myself being in Kate's mom's shoes.  I don't know them personally, but they are a part of the Body of Christ that I, too, am a part of.  This is what we do for one another.  I believe in the power of God - if He chooses to do so, He can heal Kate completely at any moment.  With or without doctors, chemotherapy, etc.  So I will be joining the corporate plea on Kate's behalf for healing and yet, ultimately, for God's will to be done and for His glory to continue to spread throughout the earth in any way He sees fit.  I also want to demonstrate my complete dependence on God and desire for more of Him in my life. 

I love the things Kate's dad has to say about fasting.  I am thankful for the reminder that this should be a regular spiritual practice in my life.  I hope you'll join in praying and fasting for Kate and her family.

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