Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Once upon a time... a beautiful land far, far away there lived two small children.  The eldest was a prince, although he was still very young.  And the youngest of the two, a brand new dainty princess.  

They did not like to sleep, for there were many fun things to do around the castle and the land they lived in.  On this particular morning, the prince woke up just as the blazing sun began to rise in the East.  His mother (the Queen, by default!), decided to take the prince and princess away to explore the fair country before the fog above the pond was burned away by the sun and the dew disappeared from the roses.

Princess slept peacefully while the Queen and prince assembled their satchels and filled them with good things to eat and drink.

And then they set off for their adventure at the break of day...

They snuggled under warm, fuzzy blankets in their chariot, for the seasons were changing.  All around them, the birds danced and sang in the morning light.  The little prince watched them quietly, filled with awe.  Ground squirrels fearlessly darted back and forth, in front and behind them as they strolled along.  While the townspeople slept, another world was awakening!

Although he did not have the words in his vocabulary to describe the things he could hear and see, he knew deep in his heart that God had made the world around him.  It was so beautiful and intricate and perfectly woven together. 

The prince removed one of his stockings and explored the tall grasses that hung over the path with his fleshy toes.  (They are just as good as fingers for touching things, you know.)  

"Where shall we go next?", pondered the prince.

The princess did not have an answer.  She was unfamiliar with the land and everything was new to her.  She looked to the Queen for guidance.

"We shall venture down the path that weaves through the trees around the pond!  For there the flowers and grasses grow up into the sky and reach towards heaven." declared the Queen.

As they quietly followed the path, the sun continued to rise and they sensed that they were not alone.  It did not bring them fear, as if they were being followed by a stranger.  They felt their Creator all around them, stirring up wonder and joy and peace.  He was showing the prince and princess who He was!

Even the Queen, who knew many words, could not describe the beauty that surrounded them.

The prince did his best to observe and not disturb the peaceful land... but the bright yellow flowers looked very lonely, and in a voice only he was able to hear, they begged him to play.

Blooms opened all around them and welcomed the beginning of the day that was sure to bring good things to many people.

The Queen, the prince and the princess feasted their eyes upon the rainbow that seemed to explode at the end of the path, celebrating their departure and encouraging them to return again soon.

As they reflected on their adventure, the Queen did her own 'reflecting' of sorts.

And they lived happily ever after... for they were always under the watchful gaze of their Creator and deeply loved by Him.


Parker said...

really cute blogpost! I think that you should write a Christian children's book. I'd buy it!! :)

Abby said...

You have a true gift, Ashley! I love the "story" and the pictures are gorgeous! I agree with Megan about a Christian children's book :)

Jennifer said...

What a perfect morning! A++ on the story! Really beautifully written with great pictures. You should think about what your other friends have mentioned -- Wheaton would be a perfect place to find a publisher! :)

The Larsons said...

I will read this to Charlotte before bedtime! What a beautiful way to begin a morning!

xoxo Becky

kelly fritz said...

my favorite line by far...

"in a voice only he was able to hear, they begged him to play."

what a lovely image!