Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I don't know where each of you live that read my blog... (well, some of you I do)
But around here, it's feeling a lot more like fall.  I am in love with this season.  Plus it makes my hot Chai Lattes taste so much better!

With the changing of the seasons comes a change in our window gummies.  
Goodbye, sweet birds and blossoming tree!

And helloooooo, fall tree with harvest moon and corn!  
I was a little confused by the mushrooms that came with this set...?  Anyone have an explanation for this?

We had a great Labor Day weekend - Rob's youngest brother Brad and his wife Christine came to visit us and meet Ellie.  We have missed them so much and Robbie had a great time playing with them (they are so great, they never run out of energy with him).

Both of my babies are fond of snuggling with Aunt Christine!
And who wouldn't be...

I will post some more pictures of our trip to the splash park once I get Christine's files... I left my camera at home (!).

Robbie is now very interested in mommy's make up, and he loves to play with the brushes.  I thought this picture was hilarious, because he's playing in my make up but daddy has dressed him in a very interesting (boyish - meaning, not matching) outfit... 

I could not stop laughing at this shot!  The socks and those chunky legs... oh my.

We enjoyed cheering TU on against Wheaton on Saturday night at Wheaton College.  Although we got smoked, it was fun to see other friends and Alumni at the gathering and game.
Robbie has a new friend in Cooper Heth, who is just a few months older than him.  Cooper is also big for his age, so Robbie is well matched with him!  
Cooper is getting ready for football season, and Robbie, concerned that he lost his paci, is chasing Cooper around trying to put it back in his mouth. 

Highlight of the game for Robbie: when the train would go by on the tracks just on the other side of the soccer field!  He would frantically say "Choo-Choo!"

A great weekend all in all... hope yours was fun too!

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The Larsons said...

Love the new pic of Robbie above. He is so handsome and sweet; it makes me miss you guys very much. You know Charlotte is going to want a fall tree for her window now...while the mushrooms are a cute accent, I understand the confusion.

xoxo - Larson clan