Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday was a family day

This rarely happens anymore... but my WHOLE FAMILY was in the same house (mine) on Sunday!  Sadly, not all at one time.  But we got to see my brother AND my sister (and my bro's good friend Josh) while they were all home for the weekend.  

We went to church together in the morning and had a big lunch back at our place afterwards.  I love Sunday lunch during football season, although admittedly it was a lot more relaxing pre-children when we could nap at will.  Now I just get heavy eyelids and run for another Coke to sustain my energy needed to chase Robbie around!  Not complaining... just different.

While the guys watched football, Robbie decided that storytime on Grandma's lap was more his style. 

And because he is obsessed with anything that has a steering wheel, he was enamored with Grandpa's car.  First the boat, now the Charger.  Dad - you're killing me!  :)
Robbie was in the front yard with me before my dad came outside, and started to make the steering wheel motion as he walked around dad's car.  Then he plopped down in the grass next to his car and just stared at it.  It was very darling.  Clearly he wanted to explore this new territory.

"Grandpa!  Show me your car!"

Not needing any introduction.
"I've got it from here, Grandpa."

He was in heaven!  But remained highly focused the entire time.  He barely looked at any of us as he 'drove' the car, and when he did manage to glance up at me as I did everything I could think of to get a good picture, this is the glazed over look he had on his face.

"Mom, you're breaking my concentration with your photo shoot."

After everyone left, things wound down to a typical Sunday's pace... 

...a little bit of yardwork, during which Robbie trails Rob and tries to get in on anything he's doing.

A little lesson on proper grass seed watering and hose sprayer settings.

Once we had retreated back inside, exhaustion hit; we tried to get Robbie to play by himself and Ellie to gaze at the dangling toys on her play mat... 

Neither were successful.

We did have a moment during which Robbie contained himself.  But it was slightly dangerous so I couldn't exactly rest.

"This is just my size!" ...toy mustard in hand.  Crazy kid.

Some (childless) couples nap on Sunday afternoons.  
This is what we usually find ourselves doing.

And we love every tiring minute!


The Larsons said...

Ahh, the days of a Sunday nap. We sneak one in when Char is down now, but we know those days of one little darling to focus on are dwindling. I'm so glad you were able to spend good quality time with your family. Those moments mean so much!

Jennifer said...

That last picture says it ALL! I love Rob's face in that picture -- half asleep! Ditto that! Tiresome but so awesome! :) Glad the whole gang was able to get together. I sure do miss you guys!

Becki said...

Ash, I love that last pic...hilarious! I miss naps so much, and I need them more than ever...oh, the irony! Obviously, so worth all the exhaustion. :)

RyanLaurenAbby said...

You always have such a positive outlook! I can learn a lot from you, Ashley! Love the last picture... Rob's look is exactly how we also feel...